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  1. I think he's played well when he's been given playing time. At the start of the season he had niggling injuries but was still involved in goals. The hacks in Scotland have decided that he can't handle the physicality etc though and are pushing the narrative he's struggling, just like they're trying to push that Itten is low on confidence. Absolute nonsense.
  2. Anyone who thinks Gerrard is having a go at Kent over his current form is just looking for something to moan about.
  3. I can understand that, but without Hagi being there it doesn't fall to Itten and there's no goal. For me it's either Hagi's assist or just Itten's unassisted goal. I think it goes to show that sometimes stats don't tell the whole story, as it's one where both Tav and Hagi essentially set up Itten, but only one can get the official assist. As an aside, with Itten thanking him, I wonder if that's something they work on in training. I must admit I don't think it was accidental from Hagi; didn't just deflect off him without him knowing. He's an intelligent player so if he's able to be an asse
  4. Does Hagi not get credited with the assist for Itten's second? He knocked the ball down for Itten from Tav's corner, using his back albeit.
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