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  1. Wilder has a heavily padded record, I wouldn’t put Joyce above Breazeale, Malik Scott or Ortiz, the best boxer Joyce has beaten is an ageing Bermane Stiverne (Who wilder also beat twice when he had more tread left on the tyres, I think wilder was the first person to KO him) It’s easy to say ‘just back wilder up’ but not many people have the ability to make it look as easy as Tyson did in the second fight. You could say Joyce has the better amateur career, wilder still managed an Olympic bronze while fraudley Harrison got a gold...
  2. Joyce would beat wilder? Luis Ortiz would beat Dubios and Joyce on the same night.
  3. Chris Algieri is just off the phone, said big Dubios is a poof.
  4. Could potentially go the other way and shatter his confidence. There’s a certain level of ‘gameness’ that you see in world class fighters that doesn’t seem to be there yet. Will be interesting to see how he comes back in his next fight against decent opposition.
  5. Future potential opponents of Dubious will take heart watching that, weather the storm and put it on him a bit and he might give up.
  6. I think most fighters would strangle their coach if they put the towel in for a closing eye in a title fight.
  7. I could see this slipping away from dubios, especially if he ends up with a points deduction.
  8. Dubios blowing out his hoop a bit there, Joyce’s fuel tank looking to come into play.
  9. If Dubois times the body shot Joyce keeps throwing he could end up eating a fight ending uppercut.
  10. I should have been a pundit, wasted on here tbh
  11. Dubois will starch Joyce, KO round 4.
  12. Fuck knows, I’m assuming you can’t say bad words on the tramps forum incase somebody gets their tricolour in a bunch. Tragic. Fuck, Cunt, Shit, Bastard, Fanny, they are all fair game on here, long may it continue.
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