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  1. Zagreb/Warsaw or olympiakos/ludogrets are the easier of the ties. None are impossible for us.
  2. I honestly don’t bother with gambling much anymore, couldn’t pick my fucking nose.
  3. What RFC said, the more money you put on the more they will drop the price to cover their arse.
  4. It’s because the market for bets like that have very low liquidity (not many people putting it on) so one large bet can hammer the price. More money on your bet = more price drop
  5. Convince me that @Junior Sopranohas sobered up yet. Morelos is the best, as it stands I don’t think there’s much between an ageing Defo and Itten, Sakala is an unknown entity.
  6. This is how tranmere must have felt the other week.
  7. It’s a shame most of his shots look like he’s wearing open toed sandals.
  8. Hopefully get him tied down, far too good to be allowed the leave the club for fuck all. We could definitely use him in the season to come, Whoever wins the league this season and bags the automatic CL group qualification will have a massive financial advantage which we could use to keep our boot on the manky mobs neck for a few more years.
  9. Both wanking off jug ears Christie 😂 If he was half as good as they 2 are making out they would have won by 2 or 3 goals
  10. This game has been absolute jobbies. Danes are very shite.
  11. The Israelis giveth the Israelis taketh away 🇮🇱
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