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  1. It would be funny if some people wearing Rangers gear and Union flags turned up to this anti deportation thing just to watch people’s brains explode trying to work out wether to condemn or praise it.
  2. He turned into a wee fat cunt, got a set of love handles and lost a lot of muscle mass, cris cyborg was another one, she looked like wanderlei silva at one point, still does a bit! I think Nate Diaz was right “everyone’s on steroids”
  3. Vitor Belfort aged about 15 years in 2 days, Allister Overroids chin and popcorn muscles also miraculously went missing overnight to name 2.
  4. Loads of ways, cycling on and off the drugs in conjunction with the test days, brown envelopes to officials for notice of ‘random’ test dates in advance, swapping samples at the test centre, using clean piss from someone else, there’s probably loads more I don’t know about. I think it’s rife across the board tbh.
  5. If @bluenozcould post a list of people his dad doesn’t like I feel this would be a step in the right direction to resolving the ‘who can we criticise’ situation.
  6. The lengths people will go to get a competitive edge is something to behold. It’s not really about boxing specifically but blows the lid on the Russian doping scandal at the Olympics and how deep the roots of cheating in sports goes. Really interesting watch if your into that type of stuff.
  7. Roid Jones Jr was another who liked to dabble in the Mexican beef supplements. You should watch the documentary ‘icarus’ if you haven’t seen it, elite level sports as a whole is rife with it.
  8. Never forget, Adelaide Bird 118-110. Canelos camp have the judges in their pocket.
  9. Forward this into group chats containing bin dippers and watch them quickly get animated into fits of ”the old firms disny exist” ”wee dinny care about the 10 anyway” ”yeez ur deed, zombies, sevco” It amuses me no end.
  10. delude, moon howling bastard 😂 I hope they all believe what this cunt thinks, they are in for a shock next season.
  11. BJS doesn’t have the power to hurt Canelo as there’s no indication Canelos whiskers have deteriorated and BJS has always been a bit pillow fisted at the elite level. BJS will not be able to stay on his bike for 12 rounds, Canelo by TKO in the last 6.
  12. As far as I know he’s some helmet youtuber, famous for fuck all.
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