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  1. Patterson everyday of the week and twice on a Sunday when he’s available , Balogun isn’t a bad player but the wee man needs more 1st team action to develop.
  2. Every other Saturday, it’s shite but I like it. Thats outwith all the banned ‘bigoted’ ones that I prefer to blast out in the house.
  3. You should have let that run a bit longer, the slavia Prague fan who lived in the U.K. and now resides in Japan had some miles in it. I worry about some cunts.
  4. Your name should be ‘jungle Jim’ Why would you feel the need to log into another teams forum when you could be out dipping bins?
  5. Our full season is absolute fantasy stuff, holy fuck, moan the gers!
  6. Turning into a bum twitcher, I still believe we’ve got more than enough to get this over the line.
  7. We’ve made plenty of good footballing teams look rank average and don’t get the credit. no one likes us we don't care.
  8. Kamara and Aribo are making there midfield look like wee boys.
  9. If somebody suggested that on here I’d like the admins to step up to the plate and instantly ban the cunt.
  10. I really wanted him to stay on and coach our squad, looks a brilliant influence to have about the place, If he thinks he’s still got a few miles in the tank who are we to grudge him that, all the best.
  11. That interview aged worse than Amy Winehouse 😂
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