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  1. 😂 I quite like ‘kerrydale meltdown’ on twitter, always some belters from they inbred moonhowlers
  2. Kent is relishing the responsibility of being our new talisman.
  3. I’m only bamming you up mate 😂 just enjoy the game and stop betting against us like a pape.
  4. I don’t want any trouble. also, yer betting tips are shite.
  5. I doubt the papish practitioners of the smoke and mirror dark arts who we keep hearing about from the tinfoil hat mob are all that bothered about Gerrard or the squad he has built. We quite readily shoot ourself in the foot on the park without the need for intervention by the illuminati.
  6. Aye your right mate, he’s just not cutting the coffee.
  7. I take it you’re still furloughed if you are drinking this much during the week?
  8. “We will not be found wanting” That aged well.
  9. Memes are supposed to be funny. But if that’s your patter when our club and our support routinely get battered about from pillar to post in the media then you charge on ya genius.
  10. Aye I’m right in amongst the ‘paedo’ camp, If anyone comes across like a taig lurker it’s you. ”ohh look Anthony they all think it’s acceptable to jump about their forums with SS avatars, I told you they are all racists” Besides the bad PR what would possess someone of a usually pro British forces support to make their avatar one of those fucking scumbags warrants a second thought on its own. Fucking mongo.
  11. Cunts on here got banned for making jokes about chicken and here’s a cunt called the ‘clansman’ kicking about wae an SS stormtrooper avatar making posts 😂 Mods/admins having a mare.
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