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  1. 1-1-9, anything apart from the shite we’ve been served up continuously so far this season, a new shape is worth a shot because the current one is dragging its arse big time.
  2. The passion that’s missed from a lot of the modern game. What a man.
  3. There’s not many subjects that do not split opinion on here but the unanimous agreement that Walters family and the club lost a great man today is certainly one of them.
  4. Fuck sake, no way. RIP Sir Walter
  5. Imagine them battering us at Ibrox and cunts were clapping them off the park and taking their fucking shirts while videoing them on their phones 😂 I’d be raging if fans were not given lifetime bans for that. Soulless plastic shite.
  6. Is there any positives today other than we are not losing by more? Grim reading this.
  7. I got that impression from reading the match thread but you could say that about every match thread when we are not 3-0 up 😂
  8. Anybody got a stream that works on mobile? I’m dying in my bed and want to be more depressed.
  9. If the buck stops with him he better get his finger out his arse as there is some amount of utter dross on that list.
  10. What did people expect when a red arse manager was handed the reins to a big club like ours with absolutely zero experience at this level and then factor in how much is it actually the manager vs the sporting director. We need better.
  11. Downey by name and Downey by nature by the looks of things Got to love the permaoffended wee souls.
  12. Embarrassing but not unexpected, you’d be more surprised if he missed an opportunity to make a cunt of himself imo.
  13. Haha he’s a fucking pant sniffer, the same cunts that star beeling when they hear the Hokey Cokey.
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