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  1. I'd like to see Rossiter brought in.
  2. Sadiq as part of a three man central defence......you heard it here first !! 😏
  3. 1 point out of 6 from a very average Spartak side frustrates the f.uck out of me. Just WIN tonight Rangers !!!
  4. Yep - if money was no object, tearing down the three 70's stands would be high on my priority list. But as we do have financial constraints, then I just hope the club can carry out whatever upgrades they can and that 'project 2022' genuinely delivers something special that the fans can all be proud of.
  5. Would absolutely love the corners filled in. They are currently a waste of space and an eyesore. And, for me, our stadium is unfinished until the corners are done properly. In saying all that, in an ideal world and with no money restrictions, I'd knock all three stands down and build again.
  6. They always raise their game at their place v us mate, no matter what their current form is. But, yes, I get what you are saying. We should beat them but I don't expect a smooth ride.
  7. Another rallying call from the manager for the fans to play their part. Atmos was generally pish v Spartak. This needs to be ramped up massively - and that's what the manager is saying. Let's listen to the man and do as he says !!
  8. The 'Family Stand' - why the hell do we need that emblazoned on the roof - is a bit of a misnomer though, as it's only the Rear that is technically the 'family section'.
  9. I remember during 9NIAR we had some great times - but there were times when I actually felt we needed a bit more competition to give more edge to games. Back in these days we were turning up knowing we would win and stick a few goals past the opposition. That was fine - but we lacked true competition at times. Now we have tough tests on our hands and there is more edge. I like it and I think it's good for everyone to be on their toes for every game, no matter the opposition. Unlike back in the day, NO game is foregone conclusion for us. Let's face this head on and get stuck into
  10. Hearts and Hivs away are the problem ones for me. I'd take 4 points now from these two games. Everything else we are more than capable of getting victories.
  11. This, all day long. My fear is that you could just see Robertson and co going for the easy option and just converting BF1 into a 'standing section'. That would be a dreadful outcome because, as you say, the noise the create is to be massively commended, but it does leak out the stadium very easily due to its shite location.
  12. Interesting. Think I'm only on 25. I'll keep checking to see if/when it kicks in. Cheers anyway.
  13. Ok mate - thought it might be something like that. Thanks.
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