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  1. Laptop set up in the Inverbeg Inn, moan the famous 🇬🇧
  2. Thanks mate, which would you reccomend?
  3. Anyone know best place to watch Hamilton game Saturday night near Loch Lomond?
  4. Same team starts for me as well except Helander for Balogun if injured.
  5. More than happy with last night, 3 points, 3 wins and 3 clean sheets. On to Sunday now, any 3 points sound.
  6. Hope everyone is well not been on here in a while! Easy 3/4-0 tonight, more than enough fire power to put away St J at Ibrox. Please for the love of God don,t play Jack + Kamara together. Hopefully see Roofe and Big Cedric dain the business. Mon the Famous !
  7. giffnockger


    1361 Points, 40 off gold fucksake, not sure how I'm not higher, not missed a game domestically in about 5 years except the Piggery and bought tickets to every game possible including friendlies and Euro Aways. Fuck the system.
  8. No complaints about the fixtures, we have to play everyone anyway, not as if we're away to Real Madrid at the Bernabéu fucksake! Good chance to set down a marker early doors.
  9. Gutted for the big man, he looked in excellent shape!
  10. Half way through this, excellent watch, seems like a quality genuine guy!
  11. Decent back up now Halliday/Flanagan away. Surely canny be worse than them!
  12. Quite happy with the spine of our squad just now. For me certain starters would be: Shagger Tav (- no way he is not starting etc) Helander Barasic Jack Hagi Kent + Morelos. Build squad round that. Defo need another centre back + right wing + at least 2 strikers. Could also do with another attacking mid I think. Do we have Jamie Murphy back? would defo bring him + McCrorie back into the fold. Hopefully no more Liverpool rejects this season!
  13. Congratulations to the wee man and his Mrs. Without a doubt the best player in Scotland.
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