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  1. Hopefully it was a broken finger nail, any excuse to get away from that shite man!
  2. Not ideal but Barisic and Halliday more than capable of covering.
  3. None for me but my mate got who can't go so I'm sorted/ Home and away loyal 😎
  4. Class BF1 going to be back for the 3 home games.
  5. Price fair in my opinion but timescale not. Just called ticket office to let them know I won't be able to pay til Monday which they said is fine. Don't understand why they need everyone's £111 tomorrow and can't wait til at least Monday/Tuesday to give everyone a chance to get money sorted. Madness!
  6. Is this just email for home games? Any news on away allocations or tickets yet?
  7. Class day away at Aberdeen when he scored. Bus home was phenomenal!!!
  8. Shagger Tav Katic Helander Flanagan Davis Jack Arfield KENT Morelos ? not sure who last will be
  9. Absolutely shocking yesterday when we came on but still have a feeling he will come good.
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