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  1. He was suggesting that voting Tory is a worse crime than voting SNP. Last time I looked the Tories, especially the Westminster majority , don’t give a fuck about the minutiae of Scottish football . I can’t say the same for the SNP.
  2. I’d guess there are Rangers leaning labour SMPs that counterbalance Swinney. Not heard of any Rangers leaning SNP ones.
  3. Anyone as a Rangers fan can vote for whoever they choose . I would suggest though a vote for the current SNP literally lessens the odds of having a Rangers to support. Politics shouldn’t matter in football, in England it’s doesn’t , in Scotland however ,the SNP have made it their business for it to .
  4. So many shit teams now in what seems an endless round of qualifying games. Sadly I include Scotland in shit category.
  5. Super and Mojo I think were the last with any decent goals to game ratio.
  6. People have got to wake up to the fact that posting on Twitter under your own name isn’t the same as cracking a couple gags in the pub with your mates.
  7. Reminds of the Pastor Neimoller poem. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_they_came_...
  8. Played Cruden Bay, Royal Aberdeen and Trump over the weekend . Got so lucky with the weather . Royal Aberdeen was my favourite , great course and was slightly less hungover that day.
  9. We should go Australian next time . They produce some of the most tactically astute coaches in the world .
  10. Tbh no it’s not but judging everyone by their Twitter comments from years ago as per Ollie Robinson I think is atrocious. I’m sure u have some peaches thst people could throw up.
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