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Guess What?


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Not that Edgar likes to self promote etc.... But I'm glad to see a Gentleman of Jim McColl's status distance himself from them.

From the Record... I for one believe it..

Scots entrepreneur Jim McColl 'has no interest' in funding Rangers fans' takeover bid

Mar 30 2010

BUSINESSMAN Jim McColl has revealed he has no intention of underwriting a fans' takeover bid for Rangers.

Reports at the weekend claimed the Rangers Supporters Trust had held talks with the entrepreneur, who - with an estimated fortune of £800million - is said to be Scotland's richest man.

So, Edgar had his day in the SUN with exploratory document BS... thx David. Now, can you please GTF?

No f*cking way a MAN like McColl gets in bed with the minority RST.. and minority thinking wanks that they are. Who the f*ck do they think they are?

Nice to see this article. David? GTF now! You do not represent me... (Or many it seems?) ffs . the RST is what? < 900 members? AYE. Let's buy The Rangers! Joke!

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we already know this.

Of course WE do mate. Problem is. Edgar has some type of 'cred' - that makes no sense. All GERS supporters should discredit him. And now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. He is a joke.

But like MLK said.. "It don't matter to me now..." Fill in the blanks...

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