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9 out of 9?


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Jelavic got a wonderful reception today, as did Weiss. What surprised me most was Vlad's willingness to retreat back and help win the ball back - which he done a number of occassions. We have a gem of a player in our team.

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Whilst we have won the nine points, Kilmarnock, Hibs and St. Johnstone are nothing like the standard we will face in the Champions League. If we don't play better than we have been, we will see a repeat of last season.

Historically, we have always set our own high standards. I see no reason why that should change.

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Has he not already stated that he is only using our club as a "step closer" to the Premiership?

He will no doubt leave us, and the annoying thing is. It will be to some half arsed team in the E.P.L not even guarenteed European footie or challenging for trophies.

BUt so long as he gives 100% for the jersey, and we keep pickking up the 3 points. I am happy.

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