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News of the World smashes multi-million pound cricket match-fixing scandal

By Mazher Mahmood & Amanda Evans, 29/08/2010

THE News of the World has smashed a multi-million pound cricket match-fixing ring which RIGGED the current Lord's Test between England and Pakistan.

In the most sensational sporting scandal ever, bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif delivered THREE blatant no-balls to order.

Their London-based fixer Mazhar Majeed, who let us in on the betting scam for £150,000, crowed "this is no coincidence" before the bent duo made duff deliveries at PRECISELY the moments promised to our reporter.

Armed with our damning dossier of video evidence, Scotland Yard launched their own probe into the scandal.

They have said the fourth test will resume today.

I mean WTF. How can you possibly resume the test when obviously the Pakistani team are dirty smell cheating bastard.

They should get a world wide ban for this and never be allowed to play again.

Totally spoiled the full seris for me. :angry:

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Its an open and shut case the guy predicated the exact balls to be ''no balls'' and sure as shit they where ''no balls''

Ban them for life, im not into cricket but its the only way to send out a severe message.

A financial con of this scale should see the participants go straight to jail. A life ban is not enough of a deterrent to others dreaming about the wads of cash being waved in front of them to join any given match-fixing plan.

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I remember watching one episode of The Lynley Mysteries Series, and it was about someone doing match fixing of a cricket game. Is this quite common happening in cricket?

In the USA, we have read a number of stories of point shaving in college basketball and some coaches and players betting on their own games in baseball.

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It's so easy to do this in cricket unfortunately :(

Folk have done it in football too e.g. deliberately kicking the ball out for a shy. Matt Le Tissier admitted doing it and it's been said the (in)famous Wimbledon team from a few years back used to do it. It's wrong and it should be severely punished but it's not as bad as fixing the whole outcome of a match.

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