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Car Crash


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Was out with my mate last night and we received a call from my mates little brother he had crashed his mothers car <scared>

When we went to rescue him and his mates we found them on a back road with half the car in the field and the other half sticking out onto road.

can you believe the twat was doing 50-60 mph on a road that you could barley stand on without falling over what a complete tool

me and my mate were driving at 20mph and we were sliding about the road the boy is an absolute fanny doh

anyone else had near escapes?

p.s when i had just passed my test like 4 years ago i put my fathers car upside down in a field to this day that is my only crash (my excuse oil on the road)

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jeezo! is he ok?

Iv never really been near, or been in a car crash thankfully

yeah he was still on 4 wheels went through a small bush bout 10m from one of the biggest tree stumps i have seen <scared>

didn't do much damage to the car right enough mostly the bumper that got it maybe some damage to underside of car poss sump etc

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