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JimBaxters scotland 67 wembley shirt


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Apparantly it's been missing for years and a guy down south has found it in an attic

He has no interest in football but his old man was a rangers fan and he is going to give the club the shirt

Fantastic gesture from him as I'm sure he could have made a fortune selling it

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I was actually just reading this a wee while ago.

THE football shirt worn by Scotland legend Jim Baxter in the famous 1967 triumph against England may have been discovered in a tiny village south of the Border, the Sunday Express can reveal.

It was unearthed 45 years after the match – dubbed “Baxter’s Royal Game”, after he inspired victory over the newly crowned world champions at Wembley – tucked away in an attic in picturesque Burham, in Kent.

The Dark Blue top could fetch tens of thousands of pounds at auction but owner Mark Deighan is planning to offer it to Rangers, where the late midfield maestro spent two playing spells.

The Scot, who has no interest in football and made the find while searching for guitar parts, said the shirt belonged to his father, Jimmy McGarrity.

He was given it by a friend, the former Chelsea player Alan Hudson, who in turn got it from the late England star Alan Ball. Mr Hudson said Ball and Baxter swapped shirts after the match, despite their fierce on-field rivalry.

Mr Deighan, 45, said: “When my dad was younger he used to go out drinking with Alan Hudson and the rest of the Chelsea team on a regular basis.

“They were really good pals. When Alan moved to Seattle Sounders in America he would come back to visit my dad and bring me shirts, jumpers and scarves that he and his teammates had worn.

“One day he was out drinking with my dad and he told him, ‘I’ve got Baxter’s shirt from Wembley.’ Because my dad was Scottish and a Rangers fan, Alan gave him the shirt.”

Mr Deighan added: “It is one of the most iconic shirts ever – and it has never been framed and put on the wall, it was just put in a cardboard box. I’d like it to be somewhere people can appreciate it.

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From Wikipedia: In the 1967 match against England, who had won the 1966 World Cup, he taunted the opposition by ball juggling while waiting for his team-mates to find good positions. Although he was given most of the credit for the 3–2 win, some commentators wished he had made an effort to run up a bigger score.


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