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Paul Elliot

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Was thinking the exact same thing last night when Clark Carlisle popped up on the telly talking about the disgrace in Serbia - naturally he seemed to be advocating swift & decisive action. Quite right, too - then I wondered how long it had been since the proven false accusations of racist incidents perpetrated against Paul Elliott (by Paul Elliott) were brought to his attention and what, if any, response there has been (other than Clark promising to investigate at the time).

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Is this a question or a cryptic clue?I'm confused...

Think it's a genuine question - an RM poster brought the inconsistencies of PE's accounts of racist incidents against him by Rangers supporters to the attention of Clark Carlisle, he responded promising to investigate. Heard nothing since.

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Hold up, this guy is an MBE & CBE? For his work against discrimination in football? And is still somehow able to falsely portay us as racists with impunity?


I honestly didn't know he had received honours and I don't know exactly why but I'm actually incensed now - someone please tell me a response was received after Kick It Out promised to investigate otherwise I'm gonna start sending angry half-pished emails all over the shop.

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