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New Kit Deal

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Apologies if already mentioned previously.....

When we met CG at the end of last month in NI. He stated that talks were in the process and were close to an agreement with Adidas.

Adidas had given them numerous kit designs in which one included an Orange design.

I'm assuming the delay on an announcement is due to the fact that we've just released our away kit for sale, and any announcement would effect sales.

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Another thread which adds credence to the view that the negative rep button should be returned.

Similar to this post which adds nothing to the thread - nothing to add, don't post.

In terms of the kit deal I'm just going to wait until it is announced through official channels. I think it's the sort of thing which will be hard to miss seeing as we have all been desperate for this to change for ages now.

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Should be hearing any day now going by what CG said last week.

Puma Adidas or Warrior... How fucking raging would you be if we got Warrior? Haha fuck that!!

Wouldn't be upset in the slightest. IIRC their deal with liverpool is one of the most lucrative sponsorship deals ever signed in Football.

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