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Virtual Rangers app for iPhone now available

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The fixtures list is not updating. The Airdrie game still shows a Saturday.

You get Ally & Jig to play with but for the rest you need to pay out £2.99.

There are sections for the current squad and for legends. Bert Konterman is a legend? I think the app developers picked people they could get their hands on for the filming required.

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Where's super ally's tie!!

Seems well worked app although you pretty much need to pay £2.99 straight away if you want to access anything so not really free

Yeah not exactly a free app.. but seems decent so far as a one stop for all things Rangers you would need to know... still not as good as RM though!

RM loyal

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The new hologram app is out.

It's free to download with a £2.99 in app purchase.

I'm downloading now & will try it out & update with a wee review later on.


I have downloaded it and it is actually really good :) You can take holographic pics of Ally etc standing beside you etc....although you do have to pay £2.99 to get the extras including pics with your legends. Mr Gough being the only legend wearing the suit :P Everyone is is casually dressed and the first team are in their white Rangers air tex shirts. You can listen to all the interviews with The Goalie and there is also audio updates. You get the game fixtures and results and you also get the news that is from the Rangers Official Website. All in all, I like it! :) I paid the £2.99 for full app and personally think it is worth it.

Forgot to add that Ally gives a nice wee speech on it....also when you take the pics, the guys all stand about moving etc as if they are actually getting their pic taken beside you...it is quite nifty. You can change their heights etc so it all looks realistic enough :) Although you can still kind of tell they are holographic. You can change the brightness depending on how you look standing beside them :)

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Not really tried to use the hologram part yet but the news updates from official twitter (for those of us not on twitter) and the 'goalie' interviews are pretty good....all in all it's just another development in the clubs multimedia and communications department that have significantly improved recently! A worthwhile purchase...

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Nothing for Android then?

It will be downloadable for android in next few weeks according to the developers twitter @appeartome :) If you have any questions you can ask them there or at their website. I did a review on rangerschat show on Friday night when it was launched after downloading it.
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Downloaded and its froze trying to upload to facebook my son with jig but hey ho its only another couple quid towards the gers so won't complain

Contact the Developer AppeartoMe regarding any issues you may have with the Virtual Rangers application, i am sure they will attempt to find a solution to your problem by possibly pusing an update for the application to the app store.

They seem a decent company and appear to respond to peoples questions regarding the application on their Twitter feed.

You can contact them on:-





The results page on the application appears to have been updated recently...

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