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A big thank you from the Jubilee Club


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I have been asked to pass on the heartfelt thanks and gratitude of all the hard working staff at the Jubilee club in Sheffield,especially from the management team of COLIN AND JULIE GAMBLE. The day was a complete success and as expected passed off without incident.

The weather was superb and just added to the occasion as hundreds,nay thousands of you converged on the club over a 12 hour period to enjoy our wee sash bash.The regulars in the club,mostly SWFC fans have witnessed over the years fans from nearly all teams in England and abroad, and the 100% agreement today was RANGERS SUPPORTERS WERE HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE ALL WHO HAD VISITED BEFORE.

The day threw up many challenges for the staff,non stop full on hard work for the whole shift,but carried off with a smile.They apologise for the long queues you had to endure to get served at times,but the patience shown was magnificent from yourselves.

The fans just carried on with the banter,the singing,the dancing out on the sports fields,and it was amazing to witness.Even when you all went off to the match for that couple of hours,the staff,as one went out on the sports field vountarily to clean up the bottles,cans,glasses,etc. and when I personally got back there around 10.15 was amazed to see they had done that and the fields were clear,even down the road past the parked coaches they tidied that as well !!!

So give yourselves a massive pat on the back for the wit,the banter,and the patience shown,it did not go un-noticed,and they all as one would welcome you back with open arms. Of course none of this was a surprise to COLIN,JULIE AND MYSELF,because we already knew what to expect from THE RANGERS FAMILY.....THAT WE REALLY ARE,THE PEOPLE.


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Ah ok. Nice guys whoever they were.. I poured my own though as I was already fairly pissed as I was heading off the the ground.

Cheeky wee vodka and lemonade went down nice though!! :)

Considering the mess most folk seemed to be in everyone seemed very well behaved. I loved yesterday. This trip will live long in the memory

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Took wan look when I got off the bus and said fuck that cause I could only imagine the queues :lol:

Glad everyone enjoyed it but (tu)

The main bar queue was large.. bottle bar was 10mins roughly... seen far worse. A few more speakers and volume outside and some burger vans would have been nice though.

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