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New Sky TV deal


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SCOTTISH FOOTBALL - A four-year deal with the Scottish FA beginning next season for the Scottish Cup, international friendlies and Scottish FA Youth Cup.

What's the current deal for the domestic leagues in Scotland ~ apart from a pie supper and a deep fried mars bar? When does that expire?

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Salmond doesn't negotiate the TV deal.

We all know it's liewell who negotiates the tv deals.

But salmond has said in the past these games he wants free to air. So once again an empty pledge to his followers.

Alex Salmond has previously criticised “extraordinary and frankly unacceptable” position that Scotland’s qualifiers are not shown on terrestrial channels. England’s football matches are broadcast on ITV, as part of an exclusive four-year deal with the English FA.


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The BBC still got Scottish Cup rights as well?

I haven't been following the discussion, but here are a few questions about BBC Scotland.

1. If Salmond wins the independence vote, will he keep the BBC?

2. If he keeps it will it still be attached to the BBC in London?

3. How will it be funded, as it is now or purely by Scots' licence payers?

4. Will it acquire its own BBC Trust or maintain a connection to the present one?

5. Will there be any change in the people who run the Sports department right now?

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Alcapone, c'mon man let's get serious here.

The moment Sky started pumping the dough into the EPL was the moment things took off for them.

I'm not going to pretend I know all the figures going back 20 years but anyone can see that it was a mutually beneficial deal the two of them had.

Sky put the cash in to make it a profitable and enticing prospect then they have the rights to show it and are the only ones (until recently) who can afford those rights.

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