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  1. Oh FFS just accept that the fenian-mouthed Chris Sutton is their next manager. He's already accepted by the media and ticks every box for the north curve mob. That is good irish logic. Roll on eleven-in-a-row, i.e. eva munroe.
  2. STATEMENT Posted by Admin 3 | May 19, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 | Having taken stock of events during the last few days of the political and media coverage with commentary we update our members as follows. Grand Master Statement The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland note with alarm and dismay the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and former Justice Minister Humza Yousaf’s reaction to three mass gatherings within the city of Glasgow recently. Clear and obvious political bias is demonstrated in their public condemnation of gatherings that breached covid guidelines. Politicians
  3. I admit I am an observer from afar. However, having just read the last five pages my immediate reaction was - 'why the hell are all of these people on here whining and greeting about the SNP, Krankie and Useless plus all of the taig media'? It seems to me that with a similar effort and energy being directed at the Scottish voters you could remove this lot from the scene permanently? Do you just want to moan or do you really want to do something about restoring Scotland to its old self?
  4. Maybe you could add... Finished your ex-chairman. Get to the back of the bus, Reid. The 'Holy Willies' are back at the front again.
  5. Kennedy is trying to ramp up the " us against them" syndrome. We beat them and we win the cup. Leaves them nothing to sell ST's.
  6. that's them letting off the fireworks they bought for terry munroe celebrations. Up yeez
  7. F**kin victims on every occasion. How many times have Rangers' players been fast-tracked when they could have played against them and been suspended before we play them?
  8. Of course it's possible in one summer, McNamara says Rangers are not even a good team, so why wouldn't it be possible to recover the terry munroe next year?
  9. Why are we worried about this guy and them? We've got StevieG and a good team - let them do the worrying.
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