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  1. My first cup final, aged 12. The 1957 Scottish League Cup Final was played on 19 October 1957 at Hampden Park, in which celtic beat rivals Rangers in a record 7–1 victory. I almost gave up watching the Gers after that but thankfully even at that age there was enough NO SURRENDER in me that I went back for more. This season makes up for an awful lot. Ain't tarrier tears great!!
  2. They still need to be taught a lesson.
  3. Who listens to the commentary when they are watching the goals go in?
  4. You might want to hang onto this piece, could become valuable... https://www.companieslist.co.uk/03200819-premier-collectables-limited PREMIER COLLECTABLES LIMITED Learn more about PREMIER COLLECTABLES LIMITED. Check the company's details for free and view the Companies House information, company documents and list of directors. UK - England - Merseyside - Liverpool - Central - Central - L3 5 Info Accounts Returns Mortgages Company documents Company directors and board members Company details PANNELL KERR FORSTER, 52 MOUNT PLEASANT, L
  5. You wouldn't happen to have a link to that, would you mate?
  6. Not enough mate. Remember this match still has to be avenged. 8-0 would be nice... 1957 Scottish League Cup Final - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1957_Scottish_League_Cup_Final The 1957 Scottish League Cup Final was the final of the 1957–58 Scottish League Cup. The football match was played on 19 October 1957 at Hampden Park, in which celtic beat rivals Rangers in a record 7–1 victory.
  7. Alfie is setting boundary limits. In this case he's letting Porteous know that he doesn't have carte blanche to assault him. If the referee and the authorities won't protect him then he has to do it himself. Remember Souness setting down markers.
  8. If you read further you'll see that JB is quoting a tweet from @Blabber08756401 who picked up the info from German press.
  9. Joe Black @joe_black1509 · 4h Paid over the length of his contract. With probably a million up front. Which is urgent cash flow for @CelticFC Who have no revenue stream right now... Quote Tweet Blabbermouth @Blabber08756401 · 6h Replying to @joe_black1509 and @CelticFC German media report rising to to 10m Euro which includes his 4 year contract of 1m Euro per year. The fee is 6m Euro which is £5.3m of which celtic will receive £3.7m
  10. You're probably right. It certainly wouldn't be by email after what happened with the SPFL/SFA - Dundee correspondence.
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