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Alistair on stopping the mockits getting 10 in a row.


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Ally McCoist admits Rangers could be powerless to stop Celtic dominating the SPL for ten years

ALLY McCOIST fears the Ibrox club could be powerless in halting Celtic's run at the top of the Scottish Premier League, as the hoops secure a third consecutive title midweek.

JS33466273-3220683.jpg Ally McCoist is trying not to think about Celtic dominance in the SPL

ALLY McCOIST last night admitted he doesn’t know if Rangers can stop a decade of dominance by Celtic.

The Hoops wrapped up three in a row in midweek and McCoist fears he could be helpless to halt them.

The Ibrox boss conceded next season’s Championship campaign – that is sure to feature a challenge from Hearts – will be tough. And asked if he believed Rangers could stop Celtic getting to 10, McCoist said: “I don’t know, I really don’t know.

“I don’t think about them because there is nothing they can do that can affect us, there’s nothing we can do that can affect them. So it’s pointless me worrying about something I don’t have a bearing on.

“I’m just very, very hopeful we can join them in the top flight the year after next.”

McCoist, though, insisted Rangers must never settle merely for making up the numbers when they return to the top flight. He said: “No matter what league we’ve played in, we’ve always believed we’ve had a chance of winning the competition and I don’t see any reason why that should change.”


Rangers announced further losses of £3.7m this week and chairman David Somers stated that without season ticket money their future was under threat. But McCoist is convinced the board, would-be investor Dave King and the fans can work together.

He said: “I’ve said all along we need investment to get back. Where it comes from we will have to wait and see.

“The fact Dave King and the board agreed with each other’s philosophy of where the club would hopefully be in the next couple of years is a good thing.”

McCoist has discussed plans with chief executive Graham Wallace but by the time Rangers get back to the top – assuming they win the Championship and Celtic take the Premiership title – he will be charged with stopping Neil Lennon’s team from getting halfway to 10 in a row.

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Really shows some fans up for what they actually are, siding with a rag that is manipulating quotes in order to get a misleading story. Any excuse to bash McCoist huh? Try to remember at this moment in time, no matter what you think of him, he is still the manager of OUR club.

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Yep being totally twisted and misinterpreted by the press, of course he doesn't know, none of us know until we get back to the top flight and start challenging in the top flight, people should read on in the article, he isn't actually thinking about them, he is only concentrating on us and where we are at the moment it would be foolish to think of the ifs and buts.

This is a classic example as to why I don't think any of our lot should actually talk to the press and if we're in a situation where we don't have a choice but to talk to them, like a live match on TV then we should be evasive and don't actually answer that type of question in that manner and say something along the lines of I'm only thinking about our next game and preparing for that, rather than thinking that far into the future.

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I'm sorry, but if we are not challenging for the title in two years time then something is very wrong. Ally should have just kept silent on these matters. Neil Lennon must be the biggest con-man in world football, his atrocious failures masked only by his over-rehearsed Bobby Sands accent, which seems to appeal to the daft fannies in a terrible support.

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i think 10 in a row for them is just a dream.

if all goes well, around this time next year we'll be promoted into the premiership and they'll have just won their 4th in a row. we then have 6 seasons to stop them.

if we don't win the championship next season but the season after then we'll have 5 seasons to stop them.

if we don't win the championship next season but the season after AND we fail to stop them in our first year then we'll have 4 seasons to stop them.

You get the idea.

my guess is we'll win the championship next year but we will win the premiership the 2nd or 3rd time. That still leaves about 3 or 4 seasons before they get their 10 in a row. I'm not even worried about them getting 9 in a row the same as us.

Any ghuests reading, keep dreaming.

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