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Thanks too everyone in the Stonefield tavern yesterday

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Just now, stonefield teddies said:

We stood side by side with the Larne rangers supporters in the Stonefield tavern ,

We raised £535 for one of our own Ryan Baird, I can't thank my regulars enough WATP 

Superb. I love our family (rangers family)

No matter what happens we will always look after our own. 

Such a tragedy and my sincerest condolences to his family. I didn't know Ryan personally but he was a brother 

Sleep tight mate 

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Wonderful gesture, well done to all involved. Like other posters I didn't know Ryan but for someone to leave his loved ones to watch his beloved Rangers and return home is simply tragic, may you rest in peace fellow bear and your mourning loved ones are very much in my thoughts and prayers.

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Tremendous effort, and once again Bears coming to the aid of our own.

So sad that it has happened right enough, and wish that none of it had happened, but it did, and people have come together to support the survivors and the lost brother's family in this time of need.

Well done to all for their generosity and special thanks to all at the Stonefield Tavern.


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