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Warburton, Hill & Hodson Post Match Interviews


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The manager wanting more control of the ball is very laudable.  Bottom line though is that you don't really need to control the ball when playing against Scottish teams.  If you lose  possession, you get it back a few seconds later anyway.  As things stand at present time, we shouldn't get to hung about controlling the ball.  Long term, when we are back in Europe, that's when we to put emphasis on keeping possession.

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I get from that MW wants lots of possession with loads of short passes instead of long passes. I'm afraid that he doesn't get that every game is a cup tie for us and we need to get stuck in and be more direct - like we were today. Unfortunately I don't think he enjoyed it as much as we did.

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3 hours ago, siddiqi_drinker said:

Probably give wee Neil the benefit of the doubt but the other two are pricks

Yeah, when Butcher's co-commentating, you'd never believe that he was once the captain of Rangers, with all the shite he comes out with.

He doesn't seem to realise that he's there to give an opposite viewpoint to Sutton, not agree with him nearly all the time. Michael Stewart did a better job than Butcher, which just goes to prove how bad he really is.

I can't Sutton, but at least he's not scared to defend his position.


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Grew up idolising Butcher but listening to him the other night was brutal. He was enjoying it more than any ex scum player I've seen covering a game of ours. The guy does not give a shit about Rangers and given the other stuff he's supposed to have said it seems he actively dislikes us. Cheeky bastard is actually getting paid because of his association with us.

Any one old enough to remember if we parted company on poor terms? I only vaguely remember the Souness era but recall we were the dogs bollocks and nobody left through choice with Souness sometimes literally throwing big names out the door.

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