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Reckon there's more to this than meets the eye 

watched a doc on YouTube about savill ,the arms and legs of peadophilia and the cover ups are right through our society 

the names mentioned as being peados was unbelievable and the names involved were even more so 

I don't think any career journo will get to into this subject ,anybody that remembers the groundbreaking cook report show from the 90s will also remember it dissapeard at its height 

reason being he was doing a story on institutional peadophilia and was getting really deep into it ,the production company was bought over suddenly and the cook report shelved 

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A Peadophile ring must be up and running to try and suppress this as much as they are. I would speculate that politicians are involved, people in high places in the media are involved, the Catholic Church is involved, probably some people in the Police and certain football clubs are involved. The only ones who do not have a history so far are highly placed media people in Scotland (BBC?). The public must get vocal about an enquiry and tell the SNP if they do not do this then they will be viewed as trying to suppress it (guilty by inaction). The SNP, the Peadophiles friend? 

I think that the media in Scotland have been looking for a child abuse smear to put on Rangers since it happened to Septic; that is why they are now trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. This will achieve many things but the main one is deflection away from Septic's recent exposure and hopefully shut up Rangers fans who have not let this go and keep being this up in public. When they could not find any smears, the Tax cases were mana from heaven for them and they have ran and ran with it, but again Septic's true self comes out into the light and they go quiet.

Well done VB, well done all those who have not let this go and please pursue the politicians who now appear to be trying to kill this off.

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I've  previously raised the same point concerning Thompson in particular some time ago.  He had convinced his superiors to finance the time and effort to make an hour long documentary on the "crimes" of Rangers fc. Well if ever there was a story to generate seriously more interest for a UK audience it's this one and the suppression of the truth in the east end.  Done properly there is enough obtainable evidence here to blow every other report on this topical issue right out the water . 

So far we've heard of individual's being outed by various clubs throughout the uk,  but as time goes on we are being  drip fed information that looks increasingly like a ring of this human vermin has operated at one club. Now there are many fine investigative journalists who do their job with integrity and honesty .  I wouldn't include Thompson among them. I would however describe him as a career opportunist. Exactly the type to realise this particular story has enough "mileage " to launch his career. 

Believe me I'm in no way making a champion of the man for obvious reasons but people have every right to ask EXACTLY WHY Thompson and his ilk are nowhere near this. If holding this opinion makes me a point scorer then I really couldn't give a fuck because anybody who applies that label isn't willing to, or is unable to look at the bigger picture. People might well revel in the idea of the other mob going down for this but actually.....it's a much bigger issue than that and it stinks to the heavens.


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