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  1. I think it does aye. Regardless of what any of us think about Naismith he is the living embodiment of what it will take to stop these cunts. I watched that full game yesterday because I suspected they would slip. I watched him closely throughout but a blind man could tell you he was the driving force behind that victory for Hearts. Sure lafferty scored the goal, the guy up front rag dolled their defence all game, there were a few stand out performances, but it was Naismith who was architect in chief yesterday. No doubt about it. That wasn't only about 3 points for him. Our be
  2. Guys like Dalziel make it impossible for me to listen to this taig love in. He in particular is way way worse than the plethora of mutants who regularly feature. His comments truly are vomit inducing. No matter how bad things get I pray I'll never be so stuck for money I have to survive by licking fenian arse to make a living.
  3. A point that should be at the forefront of every bear's mind as we move forward. There is no way on this earth they should survive getting that appointment so spectacularly wrong at such a crucial time in our history. To be so gulable as to be taken in with the sheer flannel the man spouted speaks volumes about their incompetence. People of such responsibility are usually handsomely paid to get these decisions correct and in any other firm their heads would undoubtedly roll for such a disastrous choice.
  4. Your right about whittaker although at least he could put a fucking tackle in something Tavernier seems incapable of doing. Your heart is literally in your mouth every time a wide man runs at him because inevitably he's going to breeze past him. It's a bit unfair to single him out especially as the rest are equally inept. He just seems to embody all that's wrong with our defence.
  5. And how many goals have we conceded due to their inability to defend?
  6. This is another thing that does my head in. They keep banging on about bringing in players with the right mentality to be Rangers players. Murty mentioned it again yesterday at the presser and they then go and hand a three and a half year contract to fucking declan John. Don't get me wrong I rate the boy going forward but a defender he is not. It's seriously alarming they don't even seem to able to identify our weaknesses.
  7. Exactly That tenacious wee bastard across the city puts me in mind of Robertson. He makes it look personal when he's one on one but It's as if the importance of not being beaten is totally lost on Tav. Tell you something, it's infuriating to watch week in week out because he never seems to learn.
  8. He's a shocking defender and is about as much use as tits on a bull. It's the same down the other side, I honestly can not believe how piss poor they are at stopping crosses. They are so easily beaten its not real. Opposition managers know exactly how to hurt us. Sure we have problems all over the park, but replace these two duds at full back and you solve most of our defensive woes instantly.
  9. Too right it is. I don't think people fully realise the seriousness of our current situation, we are completely fucking rudderless as a football club. Been saying it ever since the Mckiness debacle, something is not right behind the scenes right now. The transparency they promised has been literally non existent and I honestly fear for the future.
  10. Don't need to Einstein to work that out to be fair. Another ridiculous appointment indicative of this board's suicidal compulsion to spunk money in the wrong direction.
  11. State of that ugly wee prick hanging off his shoulder
  12. If we are being honest with ourselves we are following blindly on hope and loyalty alone when really, in all probability this is the way it's going to be from now on. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest otherwise. For what it's worth I agree with the op, collectively we have both the power and the will for change but it needs a spark. Agree or not Imo we already have accepted mediocrity, that last AGM tells you that. I can remember when previous boards would have been grilled for a lot less than this lot have got away with. We are both apathetic and lazy and before any smart c
  13. World class? Put the fucking lager down
  14. Finally somebody fucking nails it with this big guy. Far from the worst in this team but that doesn't disguise the fact he's a poor poor keeper.
  15. Chill mate, sarcasm at its worst. WATP
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