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  1. Aye ,refund whether game goes ahead or not
  2. Pretty sure tickets have already been sold for these semis ,
  3. There would have been an investigation,but wouldn’t have went any further than , Kelly: Frank are you touching up the boys Cairney: No these are scurrilous rumours Kelly: Ok Frank
  4. Like a few who have commented already i completely agree that rules needed drawn up before a ball was kicked . The story goes that the SPFL wanted to gain executive control for a season ,This was rightly rejected by the clubs . But the SPFL board have already fucked up ,They asked the clubs for suggestions on rules and the clubs ignored it ,The SPFL knew rules were needed and should have pushed the clubs harder to create a set of rules . For me what’s needed is a suspension of the cup competitions this season to free up fixture slots should games need rescheduling due to Covid .
  5. This new league is really bad for all clubs outside the big 5 Leagues . The big TV cash will go to this set up .CL would change as we know it and the prize money will be vastly reduced . No chance of any club outside the big 5 leagues having any chance of being involved .Heard the usual stuff about teams with history and reputation being asked .But all the reputations and huge fan bases don’t supply what this league wants .It wants TV cash ,Not enough people live in places like Holland ,Portugal or even Scotland to supply the “entry fee “ of big TV cash
  6. That would be a sight for sore eyes In reality we would all accept a situation where they were struggling to get close for a generation at least
  7. Depends on what you label as a financial collapse Administration ,very slim chance Slash the wage bill by 30pc and sell a few players ,likely chance .
  8. He was up here filming about 6 weeks ago ,Interviewed Gordon Woods and Michelle Gray ,There’s growing interest in this story out with Scotland ,There’s no way this guy wont carry this through ,How many times have we said there is a huge story here that could be career defining for anybody willing to take it on ,Don’t see him giving this up easily
  9. He’s more likely to be taking money out than put it in . Cant remember the exact value ,but he dug them out the shit a good few year back with a soft loan ,Pretty sure it’s only around 1m ish ,He doesn’t want the loan repaid ,He gets preferred deals on sponsorship and hospitality in return .Not a bad deal for Fritzel .
  10. It’s been said that there are victims out there who’s main drive is to get an apology ,Apologies don’t cost a penny Don’t think you can put a price on the damage caused by what went on,How do you financially compensate somebody that has had 40 to 50 years of baggage to carry around with them .
  11. Why were they trying to sell ,other than trying to get shot of the players Plopp said that wanted out the club . They need money ,so called cash rich ,this Covid crisis is hitting them really hard . I don’t think we are immune from this crisis either but I reckon we are in a far stronger position than they are .A nice we CL qualification next year would be really nice wee lift 😉
  12. It’s almost as if Dida going down like a cheap tent cancels out the rule breach of the fan entering the field of play . Remember we got a nice wee fine for that tarrier fanny getting on the pitch and tying himself to the post against an Israeli team a few years back .
  13. Lurgan Plopp is starting to antagonise the cunts ,
  14. Shite state of affairs when your second guessing every single thing that goes on,Some may call it paranoia ,But I’m no a young naive cunt ,I’m 50 next year and I’m constantly looking at the way we get fucked over ,I have done since 2008 .These cunts have the baws of the system in their hands and they are not ashamed to squeeze them to get their own way .
  15. A precedent has been set ,I find it very difficult to believe that we won’t be able to play at least 75pc of the fixtures between now and the end of May
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