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  1. Mibee ,but Clancy Beaton and co would still get the odd game we played in .
  2. It’s just been that long you forgot what getting a penalty looks like
  3. Because BBC Scotland are scummy fenian bastards paid by public money but choose to ignore the countries biggest club
  4. Different world back then too,He was of a time where the tarriers where were they belong ,Now they have delusions of grandeur,where they get to call the shots but don’t have the mentality to do it properly.
  5. The media still highlight things to get action but only against us. For getting in their opinion too many penalties in one game etc
  6. It’s not just the fact that the authorities are in the tarriers pockets that’s the problem .they have the media deeper in their pockets . Pressure would need to be applied not just from us but backed up in the media ,the very opposite happens ,it’s ridiculed instead of backed up . Shit state of affairs ,Looks like we either take it up the arse or my preferred option would be to go after the cunts anyway and highlight their absolute pettiness ,Problem is technically Gerrard did commit an offence even though they had to read between the lines to find it .
  7. Reckon they are going to need to postpone it till at least May then , 2 games back to back at the piggery with half full stadium of fenian bastards But the games at Ibrox go ahead as scheduled BCD anything else would be anti Irish catholic racism 😁
  8. It was looked at by a panel of ex refs last week who need to be unanimous that it was a red ,They decided no further action was required .
  9. My thinking exactly ,he could have been citied last week ,but no make sure he ain’t celebrating on that pitch next month at the chamber of secrets
  10. If it was the other way round Mickey Mellon wouldn’t be cited either .
  11. If Craig Whyte can walk about here if and when he chooses then any cunt can ,Anti Rangers ,anti establishment is a protected species
  12. Why are we surprised ,we all knew it ,first thing close to upsetting their cozy wee set up and the discipline gets questioned ,same with the “honest mistakes” we all knew they were going to happen .
  13. Add Morelos and mibee add Diouf The tarrier fucks have been at it for years.this is not a new phenomenon. Dont try and call them out on it though ,they have the trump card of the anti irish catholic bigot card ready to play ,a card that should mean fuck all but not in this shitehole
  14. Maybe if they were upto it they will get one of the expert pundits on to talk about it ,Sutton or Hartson
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