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  1. Sounds very like the weeks self isolation has had a negative impact of TLBs mental health . Hes had a week to stew and he’s went full Lurgan Pop .
  2. Fastest growing alternative activity so they say . Everybody knows somebody that does it .So if you don’t know anybody doing it ,it must be you . A couple of years ago a wee guy at work confided in somebody that his burd was wanting to do it for months and he had agreed to do it .Let’s just say the confidant didn’t keep the secret very long 😂😂
  3. A fair association would be suspending the whole club .Sadly we don’t have that .As a result we could all suffer .TLB And the fat Jap can say all they like about no wrong doing but it happened and they should get hammered for it .But instead if they get fucked we all get fucked .
  4. That is class ,one of those ones where you give yourself a row for not thinking of for yourself .
  5. That’s the problem,the authorities are too weak on them ,The government have already asked the SFA to look at at and as usual when the taigs are subject to investigation it’s a one day maximum decision to find them in the clear . Taigs had EBTs ,SFA asked to investigate ,1 day later no charges to answer . Same here asked to investigate ,all clear despite the whole world seeing for themselves that the social distancing and mixing with the public rules were clearly broken ,The SFA decide within a day that it’s all good and no rules broken .But we will get the CO to look at it ,Wher
  6. Until today I was firmly in the camp that they won’t stop football .Reckon after this loonballs crap today we have moved closer to what would be a pause .
  7. An impartial SFA would be charging them with bringing the game into disrepute.It’s been a car crash .culminating in today’s meltdown . The government won’t look kindly to this and there is a higher risk tonight that football will get paused than there was this morning . A fit for purpose FA would be hammering this type of behaviour to help protect the game for everybody .
  8. They are 4hrs ahead ,maybe 5 in winter months .
  9. Kevin, you just knew he was going to be a roaster .
  10. I sometimes watch it late at night on Youtube .
  11. What a fanny .So it’s ok to breach guidelines as long as it’s down times . Good to see the angry cunt back being angry ,Also taking credit for having only 2 new cases 😂😂
  12. He might need to suck up to Walker .Walker is obviously well in with Sky Sports and TLB is going to need all the contacts possible to media work after he’s sacked .
  13. Reckon we should play in the Portuguese Cup,Win that a canter 😂
  14. Wonder what the spike in payement in 2019 was for exactly .
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