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  1. So Lieswell is still pulling strings ,Why is the big sneaky cunt still having an influence if he is meant to have left .
  2. I watching Palace v Brighton . Duffy isn’t shite anymore but Edouardis still a lacklustre big fud .
  3. Why would they even think of that though ,He wasn’t even part of the squad and was still on holiday in august .
  4. Tried to get him on loan first ,West Ham said Naw ,So Japanese Pete had to get the cheque book out
  5. Oh well that’s us fucked again . First admin was a nightmare but the subsequent 68 times weren’t too bad though 😁
  6. Surprised he managed to find the right hole to be honest .
  7. So should we ,Keeps Ange in a job ,We can’t have them getting a manager in that knows what he’s doing .
  8. All that fantastic effort and the creator misspelled PISH .😁
  9. Buys his gloves from the same shop Ross Greer goes to .
  10. A yeti ,he’s abominable,he should just have put his Bigfoot through it .
  11. Maybe he’s still on Aussie time ,it’s 4am there .
  12. Just sunk in what you meant . Bonk machine on the way to the chipper for a fash supper .
  13. Shark season could soon be upon us .
  14. A mate of mine was at the Dundee derby last week .He’s a Liverpool fan so doesn’t really have an agenda either way with Thumb . His opinion was that thumb is lazy ,wants the game to revolve round him and he has lost it and is finished .
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