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  1. That would be funny as fuck ,activate option to buy then punt for a profit . Who sanctioned that deal 😂
  2. 2 racist issues . Tonev ,got banned for 6 games ,Lieswell didn’t accept he was racist ,move on . The year the taigs lay down to the sheep at the piggery to allow them to beat us to 2nd,he was abused again by fans . Anti racism charity ,Possibly nil by mouth .Reported it to the SFA to investigate ,Right under the big carpet or went and never heard of again.
  3. I reckon your right .We will be looking for a new RB by then as Paterson will be sold for a decent fee before Tav is ready to hang up his boots .
  4. Il never forget the night I first saw that shark . Took me ages to work out what it actually was ,All I could see was an inflatable shark ,The kind of thing you get the weans on holiday for the pool 😁
  5. The Wee ozzy guy that city signed then loaned to the taigs right away was first reported as a joint ownership transfer .They quickly had to quash that as it was illegal . He still ended up at the Taigs ,there is defo a connection somewhere .
  6. Might be enough to cover the instalments due for last years transfer extravaganza.
  7. The sellick way is a myth .They had a short period under burns where they played the “traditional” way for about 2 years and won fuck all . Even then the style wasn’t a patch on we saw at times last season from Rangers .
  8. The first time we played at their midden with reduced away they were given options for extras . There were crowd control issues as it was thought many were unfamiliar with getting in and out the ground
  9. He said that after 1 league win the house of cards would fall . At this rate there will be nothing left to fall .😁
  10. That’s the big problem with coaches coming here with a “philosophy “ All well and good having a style ,but using that style against a team that’s there to go toe to toe is different from the bus Parkers here .
  11. Really ,that would be embarrassing. is there not a period of grace they can give him .
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