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Europa League Final in NYC - Smithfield Hall

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2 hours ago, East London Loyal said:

West Ham watch their games in there, too. 


Yup. We watched some of the earlier rounds (e.g. Dortmund) side-by-side with them. Later in the tournament, we moved to Long Acre (sister pub of Smithfield) because Smithfield wasn't big enough for both. Glad to be heading back for the final. 

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On 16/05/2022 at 14:24, JockWallace said:

So glad you posted this. I live in Hershey PA and was looking for somewhere to watch the game.  Need to see if I can get afternoon off work🤞



You able to join us today JW? 

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Came along and had perfect spot right outside the toilets 😃

Despite the result I enjoyed every minute of being around my fellow Bears. Really good atmosphere. Wish I lived closer to get to more games. That said now I know where you guys are I will make more effort next season. 


, 10AA9784-1753-4885-8936-9DE460AA0F9E.thumb.jpeg.779d0745509167198f26e42133f5c70d.jpeg

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