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  1. All four of us got Madrid tickets what’s the chances of that? Then factor in that NONE of us ticked the friendlies box as we’re usually away for the fair. Hope to fuck they’re not going to pull us out of the ballot for the Livi game… time will tell
  2. And yet there are some on here taken in by her pish…
  3. Novel way to increase your profits…
  4. Few folk retweeting the gofund.me details from tweet I put up earlier, good to see and hopefully it’ll get a bit of momentum ...
  5. Done. All the best with this Rab. You’re not alone ...
  6. Like everyone else delighted with the medals and reiterate the sterling work that govanblue and zetland do on our behalf 👏🇬🇧
  7. True tadger rhymes with blue badger
  8. When you see those saves and particularly the ones against the papes you’d have to say he’s the equal of Goram...
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