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  1. 100%. Greig, Butcher, Gough and Ferguson are probably the best captains that I’ve seen in my time watching the team and each of them had the ability to motivate those around them regardless of their own performance. The current incumbent would depress the fuck out of you if you were looking for leadership. Fuck being in the trenches with him… Bigger problem is there’s no-one at the moment who could step forward to fill the role. In a way it’s similar to the latter days of Amoruso’s captaincy but fortunately we had BF waiting in the wings and the rest is history
  2. Not a word from these cunts about him being a Rangers player but they could tell us that Puscas plays for Reading. Provan spewing that he scored…
  3. There’s fuck all free in this midden. There are arseholes out there that won’t pay 20p for a packet of paracetamol at Asda and will go to the effort of getting a prescription that’ll cost the taxpayers £7. I suppose that’ll make sense in your Brigadoon inspired vision of our future but any cunt with half a brain can see thru this shower of bigoted, corrupt charlatans that are running our country into the ground. Fs the wee wank from the greens has got a ministerial post with 3k votes - that’s less than the folk that follow me on Twitter and I’m on it for a laugh…
  4. Whereas Ticket office and “getting it right up ye” does…
  5. No doubt the Livi game will come off next week as well…
  6. They cut us absolutely no slack whatsoever £977 for me this week. Whoever decides when the payments are taken need either their baws or their fannies booted…
  7. That interview is one of the finest I’ve heard from any Rangers player in recent years… Absolutely gets what we’re all about and what beating that fucking mob means to us all. Outstanding 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  8. Fuck me it’s never ending - £820 since last Monday season instalment plus the 3 games - brutal…
  9. 4 season tickets you’d expect maybe 1 or 2 Livi tickets but fuck all…
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