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  1. They've been a disaster from the begining in terms of design, supply, communication, transparency, quality and pricing - essentially all the basics. The mugs that deal with them from our side are as much to blame as well.
  2. Said this on Twitter. I would love to see the geniuses behind the Castore marketing team. They see other teams doing blackout kits and them selling out so think it's just a buzzword they can stick on something to get it to sell.
  3. Signed a minimum 5 year deal for the 2020/21 kit so won’t be until the 2026/27 season we potentially see a different manufacturer.
  4. Enjoy mate, it’s a great addition to the collection/wardrobe ✌🏻
  5. Annoyingly as soon as I posted that they started updating their website haha! Was laggy af last night but seems better this morning. Placing an order later for another shirt so hopefully back to normal by then.
  6. https://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/2020-21-Rangers-special-edition-champions-55-20-21-home-shirt-bnib.html
  7. Saw this last week when he nearly scored and own goal. First reaction was to turn and scream at Tav (wasn’t Tav’s fault). Other players need to start putting him in his place and ask who the fuck he thinks he’s talking to.
  8. Yea, this is this season though. My point was that with them not being out by now they may have just not produced them this season. Again, just speculation and a bit of insight as to why we’re not seeing them.
  9. Not sure if we will get that option if I’m being honest. Brands like Nike and Adidas have scaled their long sleeve options right back due to what they deem is not enough of a demand for them. Only ‘elite’ clubs within their portfolio have had them this season and last. The way Castore are I can see them implementing this as well to cut their manufacturing costs against what they’d realistically get back profit-wise.
  10. Surely they need to understand people are still having to isolate or contracting the virus and a commitment one day can go out the window within a short space of time - especially when you're getting less than 24 hours notice to register and then purchase. Instead of having a plan B for this situation or a standby list they revert to a tone of blame on our part.
  11. First game was against Raith Rovers in 1996 so either Jukebox (Jan 96) or Gough (Dec 96)
  12. Not at all denying he’s doing a great job but I think he gets more credit than he’s due down to the fact we were so mismanaged and rudderless before. We’re an easy sell to big companies and sponsors if you’re half decent at your job.
  13. I get the whole “if you don’t want it, don’t pay it” argument, especially with the never-ending releases of training gear, but on this occasion I see it as more of a genuine last chance to reward loyal fans for the season it’s showcasing. Countless missed games across the past two seasons which they’ve continued to rake money in for, record-breaking merchandise sales, unrivalled season ticket sales (again), MyGers subscriptions, the ticket office shambles, Argyle House memberships, on top of whatever other weekly sales email we get. These are all fine and well, essentially part and parcel of following/supporting your club. However, this for a fiver would have been a nice wee thank you that wouldn’t have hit the Club’s pocket too hard - even if it was only a reward for season ticket holders or MyGers members. It’s great if it continues to raise ‘much needed’ funds for the Club but if I’m being completely honest I’ve never felt so distant to the Club and more so a customer than a valued supporter as I do these days.
  14. As @esquire8 says just hammer the concierge@rangersstore.co.uk email. Feel like I’ve been one of the lucky few that they’ve been quick off the mark whenever I’ve had an issue. Then if you chase after a few days of silence they usually get back within an hour or so. Or if you email them stick ‘FW: FW:’ before the subject line and they’ll see that it’s been forwarded a few times and are more likely to flag it.
  15. Can’t wait to watch this. One bit I noticed though is that if you buy it you’ve only got it for a year. After 12 months the ‘subscription’ ends and I’m guessing you’ll need to buy it again?
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