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  1. There's another guy filling in for the departed guy. Plans haven't changed
  2. Scenes if we sign either Halliday or Wallace as emergency loans to cover LB until the end of the season.
  3. Ahahaha I’ve had a fucking mare here, why the fuck would I get an away game 😂 apologies. Still got a wine buzz from last night.
  4. How the fuck are you able to watch this game with your season ticket? Not watched a game live in a few weeks and nothing’s working. Only got the audio option. Re-registered everything for the new app but still nothing is working.
  5. Love this addition - I know our stadium is all about tradition and not tinkering too much (rightly so) but I really enjoy when you get splashes of modern elements like this. Would be good if it incorporates the scorelines, goalscorers as well as adverts instead of solely just the latter. The big screens are too dated and of poor quality now so switching to this setup would be decent.
  6. As opposed to what? Everyone who has had a negative experience a liar?
  7. Not a cunt for stating my annoyance and frustration at a company who seem to show no value in my or many others loyal custom and continuously can't seem to get the basics right. As soon as they show some positives to post about I'll be the first on here to compliment. Until then, my personal opinion is that they're a show of cowboys who have treated our fanbase like mugs.
  8. We’ve been treated like mugs since the day this Castore deal was announced. I’ve been waiting for this pro version for months after delay upon delay and now that it’s here it has no pro sponsors? i get the differences between the replica and pro, and don’t mind paying the £95 but fully expected it to have the same sponsors the players have on their shirts - like every other club do that offer pro/elite/authentic versions have. I got the home ‘made in Turkey’ shirt which I held off returning like a mug thinking they surely couldn’t have made the gigantic fuck up that everyone was high
  9. The fact they've now got Newcastle and potentially will have another club by the time next season rolls around - which means they'll be stretched even further - gives me the fear these 'mistakes' will still be here by the time our new kit is released.
  10. Can't vouch for everything you've said but I do know the last part about fucking over small suppliers by holding off payments, hoping they'll go bust and not have to pay, is true. Scumbags to do it at any given time but especially during these times.
  11. Don’t think he played a game for us without a pair of magic gloves 😂
  12. Anyone heard any updates on when the player issue shirts are being released?
  13. The poppy badges are stunning - any chance of them coming back in stock?
  14. I’m in the same boat. PMd you but not sure if you’ve got it?
  15. I’ll take 32 + 50 if they’re still going please. If you can drop me the paypal address I’ll ping over ££s@govanblue.
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