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  1. What is this 'My Gers exclusive' you speak of?
  2. Full kit wankers can now do Europa League. Also, was there any definite date set for when they were launching the pro/player issue shirts?
  3. Would be interested to see if it’s the Chinese or Turkish versions they’re selling in SD. Anyone got one that could confirm?
  4. 5Beckenbauer


    Anyone know how you actually spend the £25 voucher?
  5. Am I right in saying that you’ll be able to go and watch the games if you pay for hospitality? All home games are currently available to buy on the website:
  6. Meant to say iPad - not tried it on my phone yet
  7. Anyone managed to get this on their tv via Xbox or Chromecast? Can’t be fucked watching this season on my phone. Also, why can't we see any pre-match build up? Is every game literally going to allow us on just before kick off with no intro or anything?
  8. Wouldn’t surprise me if key players are missing for Leverkusen due to impending transfers. If I was potentially moving to a Chelsea or Roma would I risk getting injured in a last-16 game? Fingers crossed!
  9. 5Beckenbauer


    Bit of a shambles. 10pm last night and still hadn’t got my £25 voucher to use against MyGers so paid the £40 thinking I would get the 8am access so I can definitely get a top in my size. Wake up to see I didn’t need the membership to buy it off the Castore website at 8am and that they then finally activated my voucher at 9am.
  10. You need to email ticketoffice@Rangers.co.uk. Took me ages to find out this was the way to request it. Still no answer though and today is the deadline to get it...
  11. @Louden_Greg before I commit, are there assurances that this MyGers scheme will last longer than a few weeks, unlike the membership package I paid for in 2014?
  12. How do you think this would work for season ticket holders? For example how could someone who has paid £600+ for a season ticket be denied access when others who have paid £400+ get to attend? Edit: Nevermind - noticed someone else already asked similar in the time it took me to type haha.
  13. Hey - for anyone that’s interested, on Friday we supplied 500 hot meals plus essentials like eggs and flour to Glasgow Mutual Aid, 400 meals to Kirkwood Community Aid, 350 meals plus essential supplies to Aspire Homeless Charity, and 1000 meals to Help 4 The Homeless. This is on top of the 250 meals we managed to distribute on the day at the venue. We have our last event this Friday. As always, anyone and everyone are more than welcome to join us between 12:30pm-3:30pm at The Social, Royal Exchange Sq. Additionally, if anyone knows of any hostels, charities, etc in need
  14. Just to give him the credit he deserves, Glenn Middleton has volunteered to help us out tomorrow serving the food and assist with the set up. The guy has been a complete class act throughout, even sharing on his social media channels, can't thank him enough.
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