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  1. Go on the Subway! Whether the banter is shit or not, you can expect the hordes of vermin to boycott Subway and they can expect plenty of criminal damage from them as well.
  2. Depth. Loaning him will weaken the team, and he's guaranteed to get games.
  3. Weird mutants who see themselves as a club of social justice, while their thick as pig shit fans post racist comments about Rangers players online. It isn't racist when it's about Rangers, though.
  4. I'm half a Jewish (and half Scottish) Englishman and have little understanding or care for the Israeli/Palestine conflict. Nice seeing Rangers support all over the world, but there isn't a direct connection.
  5. She's a keen tactician. I mean look how Teflon she is.
  6. Really!? The rumours text never gave it away!?
  7. Money talks and if/when the Premier League restructures, Rangers and them will be invited. The only reason it wouldn't is to continue the hegemony already there.
  8. The crown is restored to the true rightful king and the orks from the east have been defeated. The battle for long term domination begins with General Gerrard leading the charge. Congratulations all, #55 it's been a long ten years and you deserve everything for that comes your way. 🇬🇧
  9. Thread shows some people don't have a clue and are impatient. He's learning as he goes, that's definitely true, but look at how quickly he's learned. If he's here for the next decade then you can bet he'll have some bad periods, losing to teams Rangers should dominant, but it's part of building teams and foundations to build on, which is how his current team are undefeated and close to 55.
  10. He was 16. We've all said and done stupid things. And by congratulating Rangers, he knew he'd rile the ambulance chasers. Good on Declan. ⚒️🇬🇧
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