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  1. I hope this cunt dies in the most miserable of ways.
  2. Risk them how? Being vaccinated doesn't lessen your chances of contracting it, you know like you were told it would, and now you're likely to need a third jab.
  3. When Chelsea played them at Stamford Bridge in the 2000s, half of London was trying to get at them.
  4. My lot don't like the green grey mob. Video outside
  5. I met a handful of lads from Wirral in 2019 headed to Southport for the 12th. It seemed a fair few thousand heading to Southport that day from Liverpool and Wirral. They also have a RSC
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/celtic-line-up-west-ham-24063279.amp Doing the rounds as seems likely.
  7. Apparently, we're playing the green and grey nonces pre-season. I hope you'll be ready to host us.
  8. No mate, they can see the writing on the wall and that streaming the content you want, when you want is the future. Sky have just lost Matchroom boxing coverage and PPVs to DAZN and the Premier League are now lobbying the government, so broadcasters no longer have bidding rights to their content, so they can choose who they want to see all their rights to.
  9. For a foreign audience, you'd need to be successful in the new league to get them. I get that's the aim, but also the problem. What we face down here is contempt for the local domestic support, because we hold clubs back from being the brand for foreign audiences they covet, or the clubs, like mine are used as savings account for wealthy owners. One of the best things about Scottish football is that the support is organic, and because of the league, clubs aren't selling their local support out in favour of 'supporters' on the other side of the planet. Rangers have huge potential if they played outside of Scotland and the rewards are massive, but are the trade-offs worth it?
  10. Us and Millwall are definitely the exception to the rule, then. Plus plenty of northern clubs are dull as fuck. All grounds have dull games and where the atmosphere is turgid. Games against shit like Reading or Palace. I'm sure it's the same for Rangers when St Mirran turn up or Ross County.
  11. A huge massive glamourous club that plays in one of the most exciting derbies in world football, and is only eclipsed in size in the UK by Manchester United and Liverpool. I'd love celtic's foray in a British league to be a record least amount of points in a season, taking the mantle from Derby County. In truth, I think this is inevitable. If not now, certainly down the line.
  12. I'd like a fully integrated pyramid, but I'd be thinking of the away days. I have no idea how it would work, other than the lower the leagues you go, the more regional it becomes e.g., conference north and south. I fully take on your second point.
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