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How timmy was wrong...

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This is a post from a daft celtic fan who came on here february 7th 2007 with regards to this season.... (From an Rmed topic way back down the bears den list)

"Can any of you expalin to me what year you think the bears will ever win the title again??

What budget will you have to spend on players considering you will not win the spl title in the forseeable future thus no champions league thus you have no dosh..

Celtic will get stronger and stronger every year we win the title and unlike the Seville (European Final when will the bears ever get to a final in Europe??) year whne we did not net spend..

I expect Celtic to spend at least 10 million on new players in the summer and perhaps 20 million if we win the European cup again..

Rangers have had there best financial results in a long time yet they failed to spend decent money on decent players unless you can call papac sebo and sionko decent players..

i await your replies with gusto



Ever win the title again...?

Give it a few weeks joshyboy :harhar:

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Lets all laugh at Celtic.

How good would it be to win the league at the tattie dome.

If we reach the UEFA cup final we should all wear checked shirts and baggy jeans to the next game as the final in MADCHESTER

Wind them up as much as possible.

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