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Stupid Timmy


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Now i was talking to a timmy i know and we were lets say " discussing and comparing " managers and i was pointing out the obvious gulf in class between WGS and WS, anyway i asked him what he thought about the " pure best fans in eh wurld " boo-ing Strachan and singing " Strachan Must Go " and his reply left me on the floor with laughter. He said " whit are ye oan aboot mahn ?? , yoo'z pure sing BIG JOHN HUGHES nd he's no even yur manager fs "

You would have thought he would herd by now ehh ?


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:lol: :lol: :lol: Classic. Sincerely hope for his sake he was taking the piss there. That's one way to curry favour with the Powers-That-Be, though.

Just let BJH replace BJK - we'll all know what it means, and Timmy will be oot of ammo but still ragin'.

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:lol: it can be heard wrong..

My mate took me to a bournemouth v leeds game a few months ago..

I thought the crowd was chanting GO AWAY LEEDS..they were actually singing WE ALL HATE LEEDS..

:lol: i looked a gump

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