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Left Back Pranjic


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Hey there guys .

a believe most of youse wotched the germany croatia game

i thought tht the croatian full back daniel pranjic had an exceptional game also thought his distribution was

very good and he attacked very well.

he plays for herenveen in holland i reckon we could attract him to ibrox

thoghts guys ?

WE ARE THE PEOPLE :):rangers:

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Yeah, looks a good signing, would efinitely go for him, providing we weren't priced out of the move, by the likes of Schalke! :rolleyes:

You should maybe check your facts before sarcastically using the rolleyes smiley.

Schalke are one of the richest clubs in Europen :rolleyes:

They play Lovenkrands 30k a week and he's a squad player.

We pay Ferguson 25k a week and he plays every week.

The truth hurts, but it's night and day between us and Schalke.

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