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  1. So has the lloyds debt been wiped out just now, or has it been moved over to a newer company, who's job is to wipe that debt out asap? Just wondering, not worried
  2. Brilliant to see, what a reception he got, nice to see you back Eric.
  3. The copper involved was definetley hiding something.
  4. If you are fit and a keen hillwalker and cyclist, then why would you want to sit on your arse and watch an Old Firm game, I could have seen where you were coming from if you had back, hip, knee problems? There were several OAP's standing up around me that i noticed grimacing every now and then, but they werent complaining? In fact they sang The Billy Boys, U.D.R 4 and King Billy's On The Wall as loud as anybody else did in the stadium? Man the fuck up.
  5. Injured in the 1st game out for 3 months/4 months . Santana has scored 6 goals from corners but
  6. Oh well i will make the best of it, do they get much funds in the second season?
  7. 7 games played in the league, 7 games won. The team isnt bad atall. Kagawa playing just behind Barrios has been magical and Subotic and Santana at the back are rocks.
  8. Started a game with Dortmund, anybody got any tips?
  9. I will take one or two for this if available.
  10. Didn't you know that Bartley is better than Healy playing upfront ?
  11. Lets push further up the pitch Rangers and get into this mob, Wylde on for Fleck. Fuck the pope!
  12. last bump for a ticket tonight boys ?!
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