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Whats good for the goose....


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Labour Guilty of Sleaze - Sunday Hera;d

It almost defies description....the words "you couldn't make it up" spring to mind.

For the party of politicians who lectured and patronised us about sectarianism are themselves rotten to the core with sleaze, inappropriate and criminal financial management. A catalogue of financial irregularities and broken laws have been found by an investigatory body.

Still they will probably get away with a mild censure as apparently politicians need "half a decade" to adjust to the new laws !!

Not so the Bears who were deemed to have fallen foul of the ambiguous sectarian legislation introduce by this shower....no half a decade of grace whilst everyone came to terms about exactly what sectarian conduct was....nope the Corrupt Ones instructed law enforcement agencies to adopt a zero tolerance attitude.

What a shining example the Corrupt Ones are - lecturing us on appropriate behaviour and morality whilst fiddling the financial books and MSP's conduct rules behind the scenes. We should award Scottish Labour a gong for hypocrisy..posthumously of course.

And has anyone else thought it peculiar that "Scotlands Secret Shame" ...that cancer which blighted our country according to the Corrupt Ones...has been treated with total indifference by Wee Eck's new administration. ?

Of course... perphaps Jack the Lad was having a giraffe (laugh) when he initiated his anti-sectarian drive. After all it did take the focus away from his party's illegal war in Iraq (or so he thought till the general election) What a pity SDM waited till they had been ousted from power before he had a dig and highlighted Scotlands real shame - drug abuse - poor housing - poverty etc etc

Professor Steve Bruce had already told Scotland in a no. of articles following an in depth 20 year study that sectarianism was not a problem and he had the evidence to prove it. But lets face it...Iraq was a major faux pas and it needed another big lie to try to turn the attention away from it.

What a mockery these politicians are making of not just their own party...but of Scotland's parliament also, Perhaps of course they will do the honourable thing and resign....but dont hold your breath (unless you can manage it for half a decade)

Which perhaps demonstrates why we as a club and a support should decide for ourselves what it appropriate singing/conduct and banners. One wonders now what the Ibrox hierachy think about their initial decision to eject the 2 Bears with the One Scotland Many Cultures - Except Rangers Banner. Is it so wrong to take the hit and miss out of the Corrupt Ones soundbites ?

We should not be dictated to by those whose motives and integrity are questionable...we should continue to "Police" ourselves and exercise common sense.

However one positive to emerge from all this is that we now know when a Scottish Labour MSP is lying....

Their lips move.

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Politician and integrity should never be mentioned side by side.

As soon as they get their fat arses on the rear leather seat of a chaffuer sp? driven car, they are now planning on keeping that said arse there as long as possible, any ideals they may have had have now gone bye bye.

Its a fact of life nobody does fuck all for you, exactly the opposite they will try and screw you to the floor.

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