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  1. Training ground bust ups happen all the time , but if Barton carried on the hard man attitude with the gaffer as has been rumoured he gets all he fuckin deserves,don't see why Halliday should suffer for Barton being a prick
  2. Would this be the same papers that said Rangers fans threw their kids in front of police vehicles 😂
  3. heartbreaking news , RIP
  4. If he doesn't understand by now he better fuckin learn quickly
  5. So a young bear gets 4 months but a tim is just a daft wee laddie , and some of ours still say we're paranoid
  6. Anybody that thinks the club will comment on this is kidding themselves on , this board or any previous board have never stood up for the fans , it took a fans complaint to get a result but sadly nothing will happen, nobody will get sacked and any apology will be hidden away unlike the original story that was front page
  7. And that's why I cancelled my direct debit to Rangers First before they were taken over . Independent my fucking arse and not fit for purpose
  8. Saturday after the match , no conditions attached
  9. PM for me please 👍
  10. If these games are meaningless why don't the club tells the Bears not to spend their hard earned as they can't be bothered trying .
  11. Sorry lads I got that excited I forgot to read it properly 🤐
  12. Not sure if this is true as I got it on Facebook , but wouldn't it be fuckin great
  13. No reason why he can't be in the stands supporting the team he has plenty of money to buy a ticket or maybe just maybe he realises that he's fucked up by being a greedy bastard and is embarrassed by his actions