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  1. If he doesn't understand by now he better fuckin learn quickly
  2. So a young bear gets 4 months but a tim is just a daft wee laddie , and some of ours still say we're paranoid
  3. Anybody that thinks the club will comment on this is kidding themselves on , this board or any previous board have never stood up for the fans , it took a fans complaint to get a result but sadly nothing will happen, nobody will get sacked and any apology will be hidden away unlike the original story that was front page
  4. And that's why I cancelled my direct debit to Rangers First before they were taken over . Independent my fucking arse and not fit for purpose
  5. If these games are meaningless why don't the club tells the Bears not to spend their hard earned as they can't be bothered trying .
  6. No reason why he can't be in the stands supporting the team he has plenty of money to buy a ticket or maybe just maybe he realises that he's fucked up by being a greedy bastard and is embarrassed by his actions
  7. He really is a bitter fat wankstain who has never been able to handle that he got knocked back by us and had to sign for second best
  8. Don't have a problem with this as long as they don't change it back after our game .
  9. What a shambles 😂
  10. Maybe we should write a wee letter seeking clarification
  11. Tavs having a fucking nightmare
  12. Passing is fuckin shit