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  1. Alloa Narrow Their Pitch

    Don't have a problem with this as long as they don't change it back after our game .
  2. Scottish Cup Draw

    What a shambles šŸ˜‚
  3. A precedent has now been set

    Maybe we should write a wee letter seeking clarificationĀ  Ā 
  4. TavsĀ having a fucking nightmare
  5. Passing is fuckin shit
  6. *** Christmas Presents For Erskine Veterans.

    Payment sent , merry Xmas to all Erskine Bears
  7. *** Christmas Presents For Erskine Veterans.

    Hi GB , PM me the link and I'll chuck Ā£24 in to the pot
  8. Trust us to get a sheik that fucking steals rather than putting money in.
  9. Dave Mcpherson Views On El Gardener

    Wish Ally's pals would fuck off
  10. Club Ban Spiers

    @ChrisGraham76: Also now confirmed (@Follow_Follow_) that Spiers is joined in removal of press privileges by @BBCchrismclaug. Long overdue.
  11. Kirk Broadfoot 10 Game Ban (James Mcclean)

    Do ya fuck , I had a shower this morning
  12. Who Voted Against Us.

    All voted us out bar Kilmarnock who abstained , but it was stated by the SPL before the vote that abstaining was the same as a no vote
  13. Who Had The Final Say In Our Demotion?

    It was the SPL that voted us out the premier league , the SFL then refused to shoe horn us into the first division as the SPL wanted .We were then put to the bottom division the SFA had nothing to do with what league we were put into
  14. Mcculloch After New Deal

    Sick of these lazy useless bastards stating the obvious in newspapers how about doing your talking on the park