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  1. Bluepheter you are nothing than an attention seeking lying scumbag. After all he has said about mcsalary and Warburton there is no way he is a rangers fan. Fucking slimy taig and you should have been banned a long time ago
  2. It doesn't matter if they are "making a child happy" or not Its the way they are doing it which makes it completely wrong. If someone went and robbed a bank/stole money from someone or some place and used the money to buy things for their kids or put a smile on their face does that make it okay because as long as the kid is happy eh? You can make kids happy in many ways, no need to exploit and use them purely for your own benefit and no need to act like the kid couldn't be happy or smile if he wasn't being used by that club
  3. Yes it is, they are exploiting his disability to make themselves look good, the fact it may make him smile is secondary and irrelevant to their true agenda and reason behind what they are doing. Fact is we would never do anything like this
  4. What they are doing isn't right its as simple as that. Anyway what makes him so special why should he constantly be in the limelight meeting players all the time what about the many other disabled tarrier kids?
  5. Fact is celtc are using his disability for their own benefit nothing more. Purely PR stunt
  6. Lmaoo well as I said why can't you accept the fact that humans arent all the same and that different people find different things funny, and no it ain't just a few its thousands of people who have ever went to see someone like Frankie boyle or watched his stuff. You might not find his humour and this humour funny but plenty others do and nothing you say will change that
  7. Well you need to face reality that thousands of people have a different sense of humour than you and you need to get over it because thousands of people pay to watch comedians who make "sick" jokes and laugh at it so if you have a problem with that then it is your problem no one else's and if you don't like that sense of humour then best stay away from it
  8. Didn't say if affected my day to day life, if you think there's fuck all wrong with them using him as an ambassador then shame on you
  9. Awwwwww, get the violins out Take it you've never watched the likes of Frankie Boyle? Or is he too much for your sensitive wee soul
  10. Lmao so its okay to mock the disabled if you make money out of it? Very good glad to know where you stand...I guess everyone on here will just need to be better at it so good at mocking the disabled that they make a living out of it then they'll have your approval
  11. I'll tell you what is a disgrace, that rancid club using a downs boy as their "ambassador" in your words, they are the sick cunts
  12. Was rhetorical question as of course there's no need to parade him as if there's no one in the world with disabilities apart from him. And it's the internet, he isn't the first to be made fun of and won't be the last,
  13. Is there really any need for the tarriers to roll him out all the fucking time? He's not the only fan who is disabled or who ever will be but seems to get special treatment for some reason.
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