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  1. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Good enough for the ugly fat mess that he is.
  2. Well done Pedro

    The cunt is lucky he was even in charge today, get him to fuck
  3. Pedro.

    get him to fuck, fucking imposter of the highest order
  4. Dear haters

    Anyway I'm off too bed had enough of this really fed up talking about them,
  5. Dear haters

    No because it's always Muslims who carry out these attacks, not Indians which is my point
  6. Dear haters

    Aye 14%, a very small minority
  7. Dear haters

    Yes on the whole Indians are sound and as I pointed out only 14% of them are Muslim which is very little on the whole. Obviously there is a minority just like there is a minority of everything who against the grain
  8. Dear haters

    Also we ain't talking about the USA
  9. Dear haters

    The guy in the van? He isn't a terrorist, murderer yes but not every murder is terrorism, Muslims just are dying to take the heat off them and denounce a murder as terrorism when it wasn't.
  10. Dear haters

    Found the answer and it's only 14% of Indians who follow that vile religion- so I was right, there you go
  11. Dear haters

    Well what these terrorists are revealed you never hear of them coming from India or being born there etc.
  12. Dear haters

    What lol? What I mean is you can't say what you really think without people saying racist etc. This country is too soft, we let them live here, make threats etc but it's okay because they will be put on a watch list but nothing done about them till boom it's too late. We then say how tragic it is and that we must get tougher but nothing ever happens and history repeats itself.
  13. Dear haters

    Really? Is that why all these terrorist attacks, Manchester, London twice this year , 7/7, all the foiled plots as well, were all carried about by Muslims, never jews or Christians or athiests, always Muslims,
  14. Dear haters

    Indians are sound, you wouldn't get an Indian trying to murder innocent people like muslims do, Islam is a vile religion. And as for send them home, well I'll leave you to work that one out. Can't say anything these days
  15. Dear haters

    Send them home