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  1. You shoud be embarrassed and ashamed to have mates that are poofs
  2. Haha aye mate yer fucked in that situation
  3. Right lads no need to bring Muslims into it ffs
  4. Should make a poll if you had to sit next to on a plane who would you choose, Muslim or a gay
  5. Was going to say that newtonbear95 as well, but if he's a trialist that will explain it haha
  6. Better question is why do most lesbians seem to be munters
  7. Did you see they two come out in that thread haha?
  8. To be fair If you were to.go on follow follow and reply to.those who openly said they were gay and said what you thought you'd be banned in there for good no doubt
  9. It's not up to me. But they would probably be in the same category as the handwringers
  10. Is it? It's on the last few pages a couple of folk saying they are gay
  11. Listen I'm no going to argue about it, I don't think it's right but if people wanna be like that then that's their choice, just saying they don't need to publicise it all the time like look at us look at us
  12. Would rather a Catholic supported us than a gay tbh
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