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  1. Another handful of shares traded today - 450. Meaningless in the grand scheme of things before anyone gets too excited.
  2. 34 shares bought/sold in the last 20 minutes. Totally small as to be a miniscule part of the 100 million shares around though.
  3. It's more likely pish that I'm right than they're there for the takeover.
  4. Any reason why the powers that be seemingly allow the mhanks to sing their IRA love in shite then? We're only looking for equality, not necessarily to get off scot-free.
  5. Aye, two of them were seen selling burgers to some nearby workies and the other one was there to deliver Bain's Ambre Solaire.
  6. Has the guy been lost for a month in the red light district or something? Fuck sake.
  7. I actually think it's his significant other at it again, like he was after the 1-0 Edu game last season. It can't be UEFA after they did not report it at the game, and it's only coming out now that the mopes have realised that was the end of our probation.
  8. Ahh alright. She just looked like what I had hoped Stephanie McMahon would look like these days.
  9. You, I and everyone on here that's not in denial (I'm looking at you BP9 and GCL) know that it's not about what offends them. It's about the size and weight of the stick they can use to beat us with and the chisel with which they can chip away at our club and traditions with. The hateful bigots have been very skiful at painting us as what they essentially are - sectarian, separationist bigots from another time and country that have no place in modern day Scotland.
  10. edit - bumped to the next page. No-one reads the last post on a page.
  11. I don't think he's fighting it on our behalf though. Dr Death defended ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ at Poppygate, he stood up for them at the least opportune moment, but we have nothing like that at Ibrox I'm afraid.
  12. Yeah, exactly mate. Remember the hokey-cokey debacle, Penny Arcade, you name it - they'll try and do us down with it. They won't stop until they've shuffled off this mortal coil or Rangers FC, Protestantism and Loyalism/Unionism cease to exist. I know which one my money's on for outlasting the other. But hey, we're the bigoted, intolerant ones, aren't we?
  13. I've been one of the most positive about this deal, but I don't think that's what the media are there for. If it was to do with the takeover, there'd be more than three vans there, mark my words. edit - Don't. Fucking keyboard.
  14. As long as those two are in the business, there will always be someone ready to have a go at us, if we were to do nothing for ninety minutes at a game, they'd be writing to UEFA saying we were ruining the game by not singing.
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