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  1. StevenDavis

    Artem Milevskyi

    Just started a Newcastle game with the 2010/2011 update. Sold Routledge and Jonas to get him. Cost me £5.5m, couldn't believe I got him. Chelsea and Liverpool had bids accepted.
  2. Dado Note Added 30 November 2009 - 10:38 AM Removed from warn level Behave mother fucker. Dado Note Added 27 November 2009 - 11:18 AM Added to warn level "Fuck off you n***er, go pick some fucking cotton." Unacceptable. Got removed from Pre-Mod on my birthday too. Lovely present right enough.
  3. I got a 25% warning for calling Glenrothesloyal a racist word and demanding he went away to pick some cotton.
  4. Size 13 loyal! I'm pretty sure LaudrupForever has even bigger feet. He's a big lump of a boy! He's a tall lad right enough. He'd fall over if he wasn't a size 10 or above. I'm just under 6'1 but I slouch so usually I'm about 5'11
  5. Seriously, I go away for a wee while and shit like this happens. I know the feeling, I've been stuck on 9000 posts for about 10 years now.
  6. sorry, why would this matter? Cause he's gonnae fuckin set aboot ye.
  7. I played the yellow version on a game boy advance emulator a few years back, was a good laugh. I also watched a few of the old episodes, now that is gay as fuck.
  8. I haven't read the thread and this has possibly been mentioned, but I'll say it anyway. Bkay got fined 40 quid for pissing in a street.
  9. And you would be getting bonuses aswell. 1k a week to play for Rangers would be brilliant.
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