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  1. I agree with him. I think the correct punishment would be to play behind closed doors. Nothing less should be acceptable.
  2. You really do have to laugh at English's outrage at being called out by the board. It is not before time. He and many of his colleagues at BBC Scotland have helped to ferment a lot of the poison that is poured upon our club and its support from supporters all over the country. Yesterday we saw that poison manifest itself into violence against our players and staff and our supporters. These chancers have had so many free kicks at our club they now think they are invincible.
  3. 'How dare they defend themselves!' I hope our board are prepared for the backlash. This is going to rumble on and on. I have every faith in them, but we must not bow an inch to these bastards.
  4. English is a wretched sack of spunk. No mistake, he was itching to blame Rangers yesterday on Twitter and was calling for calm and a collection of evidence before passing any judgement on the action of the Hibs' neds.
  5. http://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/club-statement-60/
  6. Don't worry, lads. The Easdales have investment lined up, don't they?
  7. Remember we're talking about an organisation who originally found us not guilty only then to overturn their own decision when it didn't sit well with the taigs who were lobbying them. They are a fucking sham. One would think they would too busy counting their sheckles they have fleeced from European Football fans for tickets to the 'Champions' League Final at Wembley to care about a few naughty songs. It is absolutely absurd that they are reacting to calls from sellick supporters to have us punished. We simply have to fight fire with fire and bombard them with an email campaign the next time the taigs are in Europe (although they're usually back out again before the weans have went back to school)
  8. Let's just be clear here. Speirs, Kearney, Keevins, McGillivan, Gordon etc do not care about eradicating sectarianism from scottish society, their goal is to have our club punished in the form of fines and closed stands and our reputation stained. Sectariansim in Scotland does not begin and end with Rangers Football Club. It has been a problem in Scottish society for hundreds of years for fuck sake.
  9. The people citing incidents from around Europe are missing the point. There is no one in Italy, Russia or Turkey lobbying UEFA to have these clubs punished. This is a concerted campaign started in our own country by people who despise the very fabric of our club and who will stop at nothing to hurt is. It is open season on the Rangers just now and the reason for that is because the dignified silence approach we've adopted belongs in the era of Struth. Football has become politicised, especially in Scotland, and we have failed miserably in this respect. We should have had Speirs and his ilk by the balls years ago.
  10. Once again UEFA seem to have fallen hook, line and sinker for the incessant lobbying of the discredited journalist Graham Speirs. Ban this disgusting cretin from Ibrox NOW. Bain's words, while welcome, are too little too late. He should have tackled this head on back in 2005, and the taigs with typewriters who are at the heart of this discrediting campaign should have been hounded each and every time they attempted to take their free seats within our stadium.
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