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  1. Kamara mom for me,what a steal.roll on next season!!!
  2. I just know that nil by mouth will be taking action about this! err well maybe not.
  3. I`d play martin at right back,with alves in his position.i`d move tav up 1 to wide right midfield and switch candieas to wide left midfield with murphy behind morelas !!!
  4. bomber

    Ryan Jack

    i hope jack gets stuck in and has a good game at right back.if he does then it will give Rangers another much needed option for that position!
  5. anybody see vips caption at the top of their stream "RANGERS THE WORLDS MOST SUCCESSFUL TEAM".
  6. I always thought motherwell had a chance when wee McDonald was playing against us,but now that he is gone I don`t see any problems although moult is still their main threat.i think we`ll win comfortably!!!
  7. the Scottish regiments should complain to wee krankie about these arseholes being allowed to disgrace the wearing of regimental caps badges etc.these cunts should be arrested on the spot and sentenced to a couple of years in whichever regiment they have disgraced!!!
  8. since hodsons came in the defence has really stiffened up and I think tav has found the ideal role as an attacking midfielder.well done today gers!!!
  9. why would garner be out for next week, what was the point in bringing him back on?
  10. thought we missed the drive of both windass and forrester in the second half.also I wish these dodgy plastic pitches were banned completely from our game before somebody gets a serious injury!!!
  11. is it only the team that wins the group that qualifies, or does the second placed team go through as well?
  12. in a way I would relish winning the title against Dumbarton on Tuesday as our next league game is against hivs at the junkiedome.it will be wonderful to watch our great club being clapped out onto the pitch as champions by the spoonburners faithful!!
  13. feels like a defeat, arses need kicked in that defence. as soon as Jason holt went off our play slowed down and surely at least one striker is a priority in the summer as nicky clark is not the answer!!!
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