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  1. Jeez oh.... ? that's horrible news. RIP. ?
  2. King playing a blinder here. Everybody blaming everybody else BUT the guy in ultimate control. HTC
  3. Everybody missing the real point here. Glasgow Rangers has an Under 20s coach as our manager sanctioned by Rangers men who are backed, funded and heralded by clueless knob heads. Bring out the rat masks and bed sheets.
  4. You getting what you wished for??
  5. Sums the mentality of others on here that even when nobody said we are should write him off and shouldnt have been working with him, that some can think someone said that just because they said he is shit on the ground and wont make it at Hamburg.
  6. I wasnt want him gone to be fair but Germany wont work for him. The very least we can be is honest with ourselves. His passing is horrendous and he is very nervous on the ball.
  7. Terrible move for him. He is absolutely useless with the ball at his feet which is a necessity in Germany. Will be back at Morton in 18 months.
  8. "The position of Rangers manager requires an ability to win football matches.........After the two games against Aberdeen, we requested permission to engage with their manager" And as for concomitant, its written by a conco fucking mutant.
  9. Just ma luck that it fecking finished in time as well and could have been out. Watching that video and i know every footstep of PH.... Im out there in 9 weeks time now but cant believe im no there the now. Enjoy bud.
  10. Beer Park is a lovely setting but as expensive as fuck so take a lot of money.
  11. "The appointment of Pedro Caixinha(arguably one of the few positives of King's reign) " How can anyone seriously think that or hold that view at this point ?
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