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  1. Beer Park is a lovely setting but as expensive as fuck so take a lot of money.
  2. "The appointment of Pedro Caixinha(arguably one of the few positives of King's reign) " How can anyone seriously think that or hold that view at this point ?
  3. Did you know if the alphabet didnt have the letters "r" and "d" that he would be called Ewa Woowa ?
  4. He's out of his depth and a complete panic appointment by an incapable Board who are an absolute shambolic mess and clueless.
  5. This isnt the Warburton way. ffs
  6. Unfortunately in this case....its the truth and thats what hurts the most.
  7. Was never a foul and Andy Walker is as blind as a bat.
  8. Should have been off. Would have probably helped us. He is an absolute disgrace. He actually stopped tracking back for the first. Just gave up. Arsehole.
  9. There's been a few things I have read that were a lot of shite from him to be honest and there has defo been questionable rubbish he has wrote. Re him being called out, I thought all that was called out was that the picture he used was fake and as luck would have it turned out to be an Irish wrestler. I'm not sure that equals the fact he is one of them though I haven't followed it closely enough to know if there is more to it.
  10. He said he never got paid £1500 For doing it. When the organisers sent bank screenshots it was then said that it would cost £2k elsewhere to organise what was done which was organising the players to be there, the MC on the night and a few other bits and bobs, none of which were actual expenses. The organisers also confirmed they took care of the hotel and bar bills as well.
  11. Didn't see that on the exchange though it does seem to be going all over the place as you say.
  12. The organiser has also said Robert Marshall info is wrong. There was no private tour. He was a sponsor that day. Nobody stopped them from taking photos and the nonsense about emailing the club to have brown sacked is a complete lie.
  13. They haven't named the player that sent it mate.
  14. Essentially anyone who has helped this charity out this year is on the black list by the looks of it. The exchanges on Twitter have went from bad to worse with threats of solicitors etc. Organisers have backed up everything they have said with screenshots though.