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  1. Is there a free carvery that night ?
  2. Where abouts?
  3. Another problem is the style of football. Allys lump and humph was never going to suit him. Warburtons would have been more suited to his style of football, though with Hearts, the trick was that he could get by someone then find strikers in the no to Warburtons as well.
  4. It's kind of hard to ignore the Chris Graham part though at least it confirms what a number of us said all along about him and Furys lies on here about refusing a position etc. Blazer chasing at its very finest.
  5. There is clearly an earlier thread, when it WAS about Edmiston House. That thread is the evolved one.
  6. The goalposts changed at some point but make no mistake about it the original plan was 100% to do with Edmiston House. There was an attempt to fudge things when the plans changed but I had read the original incorporation document which was very clear.
  7. Dingwall as well saying "Houstie is a talent" No wonder we are in such a state.
  8. Buster on FF sticking up for Houston. Reekin. Always knew it.
  9. ???
  10. You know what. Gonna give some credit to Chris Graham. When it was clear there were issues about being appointed to the board, he removed himself. When it was clear he would have divided fans if he went on 1872 board, which he would have been voted on, he removed himself. Houstons self interest won't allow him to remove himself. Even CG is inadvertingly calling this out.
  11. Have u read the thread? Can u guess?
  12. Esky always has been a credit.
  13. He lied through his teeth. Talked shit. But got people believing his lies. Made a mug of good fans. He is an arsehole.
  14. Always had a lot of time for you Ross. Probably closer to all of this than the rest of us. How can they let this happen. Why does Houston and Blair have so much power?
  15. Houston is a cunt. End of. Not surprised in the slightest and the fact the others allowed these resignations speaks volumes. From day one I've said he is in it for himself. Point proven. As for 1872. Dead.