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  1. Anyone know when the Led boards are getting put in around the top teirs
  2. I done a kaiserslutern save which was decent 3rd division still get large attendances. I got sacked after a year tho😂😂
  3. Yeah mate not saying we have done a bad deal far from it. Its great to see. I will fire thru to the shop in a couple weeks and spend a shit load. Feels great being able to spend in the shop again. No to sure the mrs will be happy when the games start again and im in the shop pished spending like fuck 😂😂
  4. Sure we get more after so many tops sold etc. But looking at the numbers of sales think we sold it to cheap 😂😂. But great to see everybody buying again and seeing tops everywhere when out and about
  5. Yeah can be done its just metal sheets that can be replaced
  6. Hope there is a deal done cause everytime the ball goes near him his value drops😂😂
  7. He looks terrible. Early doors tho
  8. I remember a film fuck knows what it was called but it was about England in italia 90. And we get a mention
  9. Wish there was a clip of him standing on the ball V Arsenal
  10. Think we need to start spending that bottomless pit of money mate
  11. Im positive its a social problem in this country. Soon as boys aged 16 17 18 start shagging, drinking going out with there pals every weekend. There football career gets put on the shelf
  12. Would be fucking easy to do. Right from season 21/22 this section of the stadium is standing!! Who wants to move out that section when standing? Who want in that section when its standing? Transfer seats over. Done
  13. One with Barry and Gilks was funny as fuck
  14. Josh giving it the big yin then costs a goal. 'This pitch is fucking shite'😂😂
  15. Got sacked from kaiserslutern just after the january transfer window was sitting 6th in the league
  16. Only for month longer. Not that i think we will be in for him
  17. Started game up as kaiserslutern. No money and pritty pish team
  18. Cheers mate. Your more helpful than the club👍
  19. Aye was ticket site mate logged into my account and done it from there. So will i get refund first?
  20. I renewed my season tickets yesterday just paying full whack. Got the email saying season tickets bought, money taken out my account etc... Get email today thanking me for my cancellation!! Any ideas??
  21. Aye clubs can sell the packages to season ticket holders. Need to see what the club do. They might include it
  22. Did chiravella no sign for nantes?
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