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  1. Another opportunity missed, think I saw Morelos miss 7 chances tonight. Not good enough.
  2. We need to strengthen again in January and get some consistency. Utter shite today.
  3. They celebrate a double treble while we celebrate reducing a ticket allocation. Absolutely embarrassing.
  4. Said before that he was a huge risk and he still is. Good to see a big name sign though.
  5. Just ruin their day please. Not too much to ask.
  6. StuW


    Has this actually bin confirmed?
  7. Board might as well stand outside the stadium and ask if anyone wants a shot.
  8. We've no chance of winning the semi final. We are shite and Murty is clueless.
  9. We are shite. Taigs were there for the taking, go down to ten men and we still can't fucking beat them, even at our own ground. Murty is not the answer. They had a fucking Dundee goalie and a player just back from injury in defence ffs.
  10. We will get a result. They are shitting it.
  11. I just think the way we're playing, compared to their form means we have a good chance of a clean sheet. Plus, the atmosphere is going to be bouncing.
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