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  1. Diouf, purely for his cheek
  3. after all the crap of the last few years, feels great to be thinking about football again and not boardroom politics. A 6-2 result with players who've hardly played together, away at hibs is brilliant.
  4. Don't agree at all. Let's get carried away. When was the last time we were all buzzing watching a rangers team playing good football with promising players and a good manager. It's all good.
  5. Sycophancy gets you everywhere

  6. *hole
  7. good on her. You sound like an upstanding young man so it obviously done you good
  8. youre a disgrace with all your sniping.if any of my teenage lassies were as caustic as you I'd belt their ear.
  9. just being honest. I'm nobody's hero so like I said,I'd take whatever I could get or was entitled to take.
  10. so many noble individuals on this forum. I'd be taking it too and not a bit of shame.
  11. Ridiculous, hysterical nonsense.
  12. bit intense you eh, an insult to humanity lol lol
  13. goodness, this sounds like an excerpt from one of hitlers speeches from the Nuremberg rallies.
  14. absolutely
  15. at least you're honest