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  1. Chris Mutton said a penalty shows how blatant it was. However overall no real complaints about the ref
  2. It's a ground where we tend to struggle. So I expect another tough game. I would like to see Edmondson or Katic play and King in midfield . Perhaps Defoe up top but that would be the maximum amount of rotation for a difficult cup tie. We really need to qualify to the semifinals. And hopefully go on to lift the trophy.
  3. Davis needs rested due to age. Tav & Arfield need rested due to being below par for a few games now.
  4. Barasic 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!. His best game in a Rangers shirt. An 8 for me.
  5. He was denied a stonewall penalty and if given may well have taken it himself after tavs miss earlier.
  6. First 8 mins a bit shaky but really firing on all cylinders since. Stonewall penalty on morelos. Hope we don't regret missed chances inc penalty miss.
  7. Definitely wrong selection v septic. I hope S.G. has got it right tonight.
  8. Must have a niggling injury otherwise he would surely be on the bench at least
  9. I think Jack will play. Flannigan I doubt it very much. So it has to be Barasic for me. I also fancy King to start
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