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  1. It doesn't bother me really , as I only drink 1 can or bottled beer a week, and I have enough in stock to last me until July, I only drink whisky once a week and I have enough to last me for years rather than months, I even have some out of date cans of lager which I could give free of charge to any alcoholic who is struggling with supplies, it was announced a few days ago that buckfast were stopping production due to corona virus, hence the genuine question of the long term availability of cans or bottled beer.
  2. Only if stocks last? Are brewers classed as key workers? Genuine question.
  3. Some reports that England might resume playing behind closed doors in July, at neutral venues, with games on live TV every day to complete this season. Part of the thinking behind this is to give the general public something to keep them content during this unprecedented crisis. Teams to stay in nearby hotels to prevent unnecessary travel, I saw that stadiums in London were being considered as providing neutral venues but I find that difficult to comprehend as that area is the worst affected in the UK. However July is still a long time away, so a lot can change in coming weeks, not yet seen anything similar being considered for Scotland. Just putting that out through boredom, and it's a case of watch this space.
  4. At least that way I stand to get my stakes back, however a bit disappointed that a lot of my bets were on course to return a profit, the negative is and returns would have been payable at end of May , perhaps bookies will wait until June/July before deciding all bets are void.
  5. Just bumping this up as nothing else to comment on just now, I.d be interested in the views of others on how this might pan out
  6. Its also a story of toffs v working class, so not a lot changed over the years
  7. Those with Netflix can watch a 6 part series called the English game. It's a bit like downtown abbey with early football in late 1800,s. It depicts the first professional player Fergus Soutar a Scot who has the obligatory drunken father. Not bad better than loose women.
  8. Probably the correct decision, under the circumstances.
  9. Alan McClaren and Ian Durrant, Michael Mols are the most obvious ones.
  10. Downpatrick today, for another small investment, I've had 2 winners on lucky 15,s on Friday and Saturday, so showing a small profit,
  11. Figure of speech, I will still go out to walk my dogs daily, & go shopping if and when required,
  12. First day of house arrest, thurles meeting on, so hopefully my small wager will bring much needed lift from all the doom and gloom.
  13. I was at that game, quite a wet day, got soaked in the Rangers end of south enclosure in the old main stand. A very skilful player.
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