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  1. I am ready to concede W.B.A won't win the title, they have some really tough fixtures coming up, right now I would settle for 3rd place to get a few e.w. bets up, Brentford and Fulham are in form any knowing my luck could push W.B.A into 4th, Leeds United look to have much easier run in, unless they blow up again, but it's not all over until the fat lady sings
  2. The box to box midfielder is a position we badly need to find a real tenacious never say die battler ,
  3. It came as no great surprise when some news reports stated to begin, Hearts and Partick thistle LOSE their case against SPFL, typical of the lack of credibility in most mainstream journalists,
  4. Likewise I understood the S.F.A. pick one panel member and hearts & thistle pick another, then both of those chosen individuals then select the 3rd and final member , who has a legal background.
  5. I had one as a wee boy, I.m sure they were referred to as rickities
  6. I have been saying the same thing for ages, someone like Stuart McCall, Ian Ferguson Alex Macdonald is what we desperately need in midfield it's fine having skilful players but what we need is a real box to box ball winner with a never say die attitude, that's what we need in the rough and tumble Scottish league
  7. Worth a punt if the price is right, however the type that puts himself about, will result in a series of yellow and red cards if he joins us. Not saying he wont be a decent back and we do lack a real physical battllerl, but his style will have refs brandishing cards at every opportunity, he will change from being an old fashioned centre forward to a headcase (media spin) if he does come.
  8. I don't think it's the central club, I remember being in the place which was huge, upstairs there was karaoke and a kiddies play area, something like sleepy Joe's or smokey Joe's rings a bell but I really don't know it was a long time ago
  9. The Scottish guy who had the jaggy thistle moved to Palma Nova , Majorca many years ago.
  10. It would not surprise me if it's true, if it is I hope we get a decent price, I.m not advocating this, (potential replacement) but if we signed either Dykes or Cosgrove just watch the yellow and red cards stack up.
  11. Doesn't suit the narrative for the septic
  12. Coopers goal was magnificent but I always felt that the goal from sandy jardine in the same game was also a wonderful goal
  13. I always think the real traditional socks are black with red tops and I.m not a fan of others like all white, all blue or all red.
  14. When the corners were "filled in" I was extremely disappointed how few seats were put in both corners, they could have easily put in a lot more ,
  15. Just read that another proposal for reconstruction is being propounded by SPFL namely a 4 tier structure with 14-10-10-10 this was the suggestion from (as far as I know) from Peterhead, now decision on this is expected on Monday!!!!
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