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  1. A real class playmaker is a must. We have been crying out for one for years. A prolific striker.and another first team ready defender should see us challenge the taigs. We Have matched septic this season it's against other teams that results have let us down badly .
  2. I haven't read thread through. I believe some progress has been made. 3 old firm games so far. 1st and our poorest I.m.o. lost 0-1. 2nd skelped them 1-0. 3rd terrible defending at both goals lost 1-2. 4th at home I expect us to win. So honours even if that's the case. But our form against the other teams that have let us down badly. It does show a lack of character & mental toughness In our current side. But we have never looked like getting a real doing against septic this season. A real class playmaker & striker should see us challenge for the title. So it's a yes for me. I believe S.G. will deliver.
  3. My recollection of this. He was on 21k per week and was offered 7k to stay. He found that offer insulting and decided to retire. At the time I thought footballers must have made so much money that they could afford to retire early rather than play for 7k a week. Some current players are on that kind of money today. So although he had principles I still felt he should have stayed. Some would ask me if I would have taken a 66.6% pay cut. But I still think he should have stayed. Agree that he was a class act
  4. This is exactly what needs to be brought up. All we ask is a level playing field. It's NOT taig like behaviour to highlight these inconsistencies or blatant bias
  5. Probably best to accept this I.m.o.
  6. PUNCH?. I thought it was a push. Definitely a red card though.
  7. The sky ex referee Dermot Gallagher examined footage post match (ibrox) and in his opinion it merited 1 yellow card. Only I.m not defending Morelos yesterday at all .
  8. Stevie Gerrard did mention this In post match interview.
  9. Our odds to lift trophy. Bet victor are going 5/1 and e.w. available to reach final (other firms 4/1) i expect if we beat Kilmarnock our odds will shrink to about 11/4 i think so if you fancy a flutter now is the time to get on.
  10. Most seem to agree a weakened team should be good enough to see off Cowdenbeath. Some good cover on the bench in case it goes pear shaped.? Flannigan should start to lets see if hes any better at R.B. then left.
  11. Fod. Flannigan MacAuley Worral Halliday. Davis Jack Coulibally . Candeias Defoe Middleton.
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