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  1. My worst fear is getting 7 right, which wound give me a 50p sevenfold., and I would still be in profit. But if the 8th selection let's me down I hope to God its not Rangers!!!!!!!!!!! Knowing my luck I will only get 3 or 4 correct and hee haw back as usual.
  2. As saint and greavsie used to say "it's a funny old game " contracts are often broken before they end by player's and manager's, but I hope klopp does see out his contract.
  3. On a positive note, when this happens (not if) at least we will get some decent loans from Liverpool. Hope it's a long way off though. We will be in a difficult position trying to attract another manager with similar profile.
  4. A good week end for my season long wagers 6 selections won and the other 2 were on f.a. cup duty. There will be weeks when it doesn't go so well but this is a marathon not a sprint. So I.m hopeful I can have a great summer holiday. Mind you it could be a short break in cheapest place I can find in Scotland!!!!!!!!!
  5. Strong team. I.m a bit surprised Kent starts on plastic, but Jones still out, and the only other option ojo. So hopefully we get the job done early and take Kent off.
  6. For the most part today our fans want 3 points by any margin however narrow. This is realistic not like the bold pre match boasts v. Septic & Hertz. I.m hoping that as expectations in the main are not set too high that this may work in our favour and we could win more comfortably than expected. But I do expect the usual hard slog.
  7. If klopp wins the title? And with a win today that would be very likely. If klopp then decides to move (doubtful) only then I would be concerned. The lure of Liverpool would be too powerful to S.G. (like Souness) turn down. The way Frank Lampard has slotted in at Chelsea makes me certain that Liverpool would come calling. I hope klopp wins and stays to defend title. And that dilemma is postponed to a later date.
  8. Dundee were pish. I couldn't tip a waiter. Try again tomorrow.,
  9. He was on the bench last night, so it wont surprise me to see him (Edmondson) start.
  10. I fancy Dundee at home tonight in the derby about 7/4 generally. They must be looking for sweet revenge after getting a doing from them at their ground. Dundee have picked up recently and Utd. Are not great away, albeit they will hardly need travel sickness pills tonight. I've backed Utd. To win league as other challengers Ayr, I.C.T. are very inconsistent & I think Dundee will finish at least 2nd.
  11. Just noted bet365 offer 150/1 for us to win Europa. Not bad for a £1.00 e.w. I've not got an account with them. So wont dabble myself. My 2 online accounts will do me.
  12. I've heard they are randomly putting L.C. final tickets under certain seats!!!!!!!.
  13. S.G. deserves success, his use of substitutes was excellent today with a view to Thursday night. He has been criticised over the subs before but credit where credit is due. Spot on today
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