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  1. de chambeau just does not look in control here. It’s like the red mist ha descended snd he’s now just hacking away.
  2. Some real hated going on for Reed on the official fb castors site announcing him. know he’s controversial, but it’s now a big name American player for that market. this brand are only going to get bigger IMO, maybe a smart move by our board bringing them on board. time will tell I suppose.
  3. That’s what I thought. was he not Nike?
  4. McCoist gets about eh? sky, bt, Amazon, talkSPORT, now premier! busy man.
  5. Didn’t go through the full thread, but we signed Amoruso summer 97, he didn’t play till April 98 against the green an grey sc semi final. always wondered if he had been fit would we have done the 10. im sure Walter brought gough back from America because amo was injured. not blaming out best ever captain for failing to get 10, but I doubt he’d have came back if amo played that season. could be totally wrong, was just how I’ve always felt. (I can’t recall how he got injured or came injured)
  6. These young players. (Miami open) Smashing it everywhere, rushed serving, underhand serving, totally going for it every point almost. Some good matches. no real thought, just power play mostly.
  7. Could say Derek Johnstone could have got in instead of hateley. not having seen Johnstone play, I couldn’t say really. however I do remember he was surprised about the exclusion. Won an awful lot for Rangers in his time. Also in 72 side. says a lot for me.
  8. I don’t personally think the second one was a dive. I do think there can be contact in the box, without it being a penalty or a foul. I’m 48, played defensive when I did play at a good amateur level and I’d probably would have gave away 30 penalties in my time if that’s a pen. I still think there can be contact in the box without a dive or a pen. Balogun in Thursday prime example.
  9. What about this clown? book for diving then book borna for “reckless challenge” ? keep climbing the ladders Timmy pullling down they flags ya roaster
  10. I think we’ll need 3 goals plus to win. ie, they will score twice. Hopefully well wrong though.
  11. Am afraid par golf won’t do. thomas winning this it looks. smashing everything in sight!
  12. Just imagine they had won last week the scenes next week if we got a point or a win? Be a war zone in Glasgow I’d bet!
  13. Kent and Alfredo to roast the life out of Kenny and ajer all game, and score beautiful combination goal between them, again the ultimate fear for them. thet are shit scared of Kent and detest Morelos. the perfect storm.
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