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  1. 2 pish pitches away from our league if Dundee manage to hold out. Hertz and Dundee are bigger than Hamilton and killie, plus 2 Local derbies back. fuck killie.
  2. He always was and is we all dislike him, but I think we can all agree he is a very good at his job as a coach/manager. he was employed by these cunts, and played their tune. like the rest before them. im glad he’s not there as he and always was too good for them. i also don’t buy into he left because we were getting better. he left cause they peaked and he got a better job offer. doesnt seemed scared from city, Utd, Liverpool Chelsea, spurs, arsenal etc.
  3. A wee visit behind enemy lines last night.. scrolling through reading the glorious muck there flinging during last week’s gubbing by the champions, came across this little belter. surely not the same guy on here, must be a coincidence right?
  4. Think the tarrier fans may be wanting a new manager. seems they’re not all Neil Lennon now... 😂
  5. No wonder the tarriers are bealing. Rodgers is proving at Leicester what a really good coach he is, they were very, very lucky to get him, he dragged them up, he left at the first decent job, ( I never thought arsenal were on the table) and they were left with Lennon. back to delia level of professionalism. Tbf to delia, chips and ketchup were banned from the menu ..
  6. I have 3 spare for the club deck due to cancellations, pm me of time and place to meet you on Saturday if you are interested. I am traveling up on Friday and staying at the Travelodge Brae head over the weekend if its easier for you to meet there.

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