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  1. I expect them to win that 7. and so should our management team and every bear.
  2. Kane is a tank. perfect player for Jose. drogba, Ronaldo, milito, ibra, Costa, Kane. he works best with an absolute beast up front. imsgine he had shearer in his day..
  3. Morra’s bevvy and chinky sorted son.
  4. Barca five up wae five to go, ur text book hatrick for messi. Unbelievable again from barca.
  5. Lookin forward to man u at Birmingham. Hope city get at least a point.
  6. The greatest club team? Very possibly, I know there r a few contenders but barca must b in the top 5 at the very very least.
  7. Good game wae Blackpool and city. Adam playing really well. Good on him.
  8. it will b my first time at accies ground. my mate joined the accies coaching staff (not direct first team) in the summer, and has supplied the three of us with match hospitality for this game. cant wait, sure it will b a good day.
  9. some good stuff here, but if u ge tthe chance watch michael jackson doing billie jean at hte jackson concert in 2001. now there is a fekin superstar.
  10. eh, ask the english fa. their standards have slipped lower than a snakes belly with a top hat on. i enjoy ur posts, i not going to get involved here, but i made a point, if u prefer to pick me up on my grammer, when i thought it was a valid debating issue, well, as they say, "were u at the game son?" in ur case, from what i can recall, u refuse to go now because a certain player signed in july 1989 and ur toys left the pram. let it go man, i was in they days too, but u may be a better fan, in ur eyes, but i, 20 years on, still go, if i am not mistaken u sit in the house on the keyboard giving
  11. ur right, u a valued memebr of this forum. but do u ever make a serious point? as alexander on'neil said, "all you do is criticise" relax old timer.
  12. hey hey, like that. i'll tell ma boy, he the tempremenal one, he ready to give garry kenneth dogs the day about gettin raped by ibrahomivic, he 16 and homones allover the place! cheers ocean!!
  13. ok, fair enough, i a calm man, but the post was about hotel/bar policy. if u want to pigeon hole the way i put it across, and not comment on the point i made, fair enough, i should have kept my views to myself. it just my view on this policy i have "stumbled" across. cheers.
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