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  1. The second best job he could get in football since he was overlooked for the tarriers manager. well, seeing are your probably the only manager in spl/spfl history to lose 9-0 in a game of football, against your idols, after expressing your disappointment at not getting the job, no wonder no cunt wants you. And no, not as the manager of a team like Hamilton, but Aberdeen, who you won the European CWC with. Total prick,
  2. The difference between Gerrard and Lennon.
  3. Two successful midfielders in their playing days in the respective dugouts. Not many current, or up and coming midfielders would look or base their game on number 18 for the green an grey,,far less take guidance on how to play the game.
  4. Him, McGeady snd Mclean bring the cunts in.
  5. Think the tarrier fans may be wanting a new manager. seems they’re not all Neil Lennon now... 😂
  6. No wonder the tarriers are bealing. Rodgers is proving at Leicester what a really good coach he is, they were very, very lucky to get him, he dragged them up, he left at the first decent job, ( I never thought arsenal were on the table) and they were left with Lennon. back to delia level of professionalism. Tbf to delia, chips and ketchup were banned from the menu ..
  7. Breathe ya cunt.. yer organs are useful... well some of them.
  8. Ok, that’s why I was asking, I couldn’t recall actually how many they actually have
  9. Does anybody think this car crash few weeks continues tomorrow night, or do you think this is Lennon going for a hail mary pass as his last throw of the dice to try and fire up his team to try and win 18 games in a row? i actually expect them to win the morra night.
  10. I’ve never understood why on appointment at celtic not one journalist had the balls to ask him about his sudden suspension at hibs, and almost immediately “leaving by mutual consent”. it was all smiles and handshakes and not one question about the end at hibs, which was only 4 weeks earlier. we all know what was being said about him leaving hibs, here was his chance to deny it if it was lies. not one question. This guy will only ever get a job here or Ireland. He is done as a coach/manager at the level he currently works at.
  11. I know folk on here get it tight for looking at their forums, but I had a look to gauge how they feel. They are livid. Going absolute ape shit about him and the presser. It’s incredible reading. They’re beginning to hate him by the looks of it. 😂
  12. I saw more of the interview earlier. he says they flew out on the Saturday after defeat at Ibrox, and got into Dubai at 7am Sunday. their day off was that day, they had a drink that day as it’s their day off, and trained the rest of the week.
  13. I could be wrong, but does he not actually mean the 13 players and 3 staff that had to isolate? He’s still wrong, but is that not what he meant but is too wound up to phrase it properly? Surely even he wouldn’t suggest nobody (in general) has it
  14. Looks like the tarriers play Wednesday then the following Wednesday due to league cup semis next weekend. hopefully further ahead by the time they play that second Wednesday.
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