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  1. It seems there is nothing this cretin can do that will force a manager to ditch him. the list over the years is incredible of the things he has done, but he still gets employed and paid. I see his tarrier loving manager mate mcpake is backing him. No shit Sherlock! I honestly wonder if Dundee fans actually accept him as a player at their club. if this had been morelos with even a fraction of the indescretions this charlatan has, he’d have been kicked out the country! a waster of a person.
  2. McGregor will get majority of games if fit and keeping his standards. McLaughlin will play more league games and cup matches, as it looks like he’s being tee’d up as no.1 next season to me.
  3. St Johnstone are the new killie. thrse teams always seem to love defensive football. must be hellish watching them every week. another scrap if we don’t score soon. they targeting bassey it looks.
  4. Just seen from someone else he was Leeds manager before, so not his first time. would still be surprised if he became a manager at this stage of his life though.
  5. Taking up first team management in his 50’s for the first time? maybe enjoys being a no.2 whilst can concentrate on just coaching and putting his ideas across.
  6. No chance they were giving it back, as we wouldn’t have.
  7. Hard to say. Depends on how the player feels. if you do rest him, you could argue it shows weakness, and others could think it’s open season on him, and could give him more abuse to upset him, get him sent off in future games. is his safety at risk? Then the Czech authorities and uefa must step in and show some leadership.
  8. This mob look like they’ve shot their bolt.
  9. The captain of az looks like a cracking midfield player
  10. Keeper should have came out for that
  11. Absolutely. No better than say a Hamilton accies. side note, woman I have known for years, and done work for, her youngest lad is back up keeper tonight. young jay hogarth. Good lad, good prospect, hopefully not needed tonight mind u!
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