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  1. Used to use the handle state aid on Twitter, was always on about GCC and the scum.
  2. New Cumnock RSC has for this season only, a season ticket for SJ front,fully authorised for all competative home games and priority purchase of Semi and Final tickets. Should you be able to travel on our bus you can pay on a match basis if you wish.
  3. Our RSC has a season spare for this coming year, where can I list it.
  4. bluesteel

    Ryan Jack

    Does he get sine die,after 4 reds, if so his season is finished
  5. I cracked open a bottle of 15yr old malt,not for sharing Greedy cnut loyal.
  6. Protester 1 but he has not been on there. I first came across him during the union of fannies boycott,he filmed the ticket office with nobody in the queue,a slight on the club ,not on the board I thought, He went to Barcellona with a Celtic supporting friend,not the actions of a bluenose,he then posted on FF that the co was going into admin on the 17th June 2015, later he posted we won the BTC at the COS, now he was advised not to attend a meeting with the Police, and members of RIFC who would be on the interview panel for the Fans Laision Officer,a job he applied for,but to steal a march on other applicants he went anyway,this led to the resignation of the three directors. Is this the man we want to lead us to fan involvement. forgot to add his shameful attempt to buy a life membership for £100
  7. If I posted it ignore it bro, got banned for daring to criticise the mgr
  8. Yep,apart from his two goals what has he ever done for us.
  9. A pish 45 from a team of imposters lead by a imposter manager
  10. One of the reasons I joined RF was a fans voice to the board what a shame I didn't just chuck my £500 away,oh wait, I did. Betrayed.
  11. I had written the shot off as another wasted chance
  12. Just booked into conference centre £52 for Friday and Saturday including Breakfast Director of finance loyal
  13. Five from New Cumnock Loyal travelling on Friday and back Sunday
  14. Plus one now Bro I just renewed,was always going to.
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