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    As I lay on the battlefield dying

    I felt so bereft but when it was over, there were no Catholics left.
  2. bluesteel

    Tav to get offered new contract

    I expect we want to give him a pay rise.
  3. bluesteel

    ***Feedback Thread***

  4. bluesteel

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Done Bro thanks.
  5. bluesteel

    ***Feedback Thread***

    New Cumnock RSC has for this season only, a season ticket for SJ front,fully authorised for all competative home games and priority purchase of Semi and Final tickets. Should you be able to travel on our bus you can pay on a match basis if you wish.
  6. bluesteel

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Our RSC has a season spare for this coming year, where can I list it.
  7. bluesteel

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    Aye Frank Lampard taking a corner at th Copland end.V Chelsea
  8. Think we may regret it as well
  9. bluesteel

    Bates is off

    We bought Bates
  10. Which he doesn't, he's put us together well But, I don't think we can progress further with him.
  11. bluesteel

    Alfredo Morelos

    Surely will recoup Pedro's wasted millions and more
  12. bluesteel

    Christmas card emails out

    Clearly not, I replied to mine " thank you but I really wanted a Manager " No answer.
  13. bluesteel

    This squad

    Collectively, fucked up the whole weekend, Christmas and New Year
  14. bluesteel

    Ross McCrorie

    I am old school very old school, the days have gone where we The Rangers, can pick and support players, on non football grounds. Having said that I have not seen any support for thumbheid from Rangers players, doesn't mean it never happened, and if it did he needs to be told.
  15. bluesteel

    Ross McCrorie

    Barjonas would come straight in and do a fine job he is also a top prospect, Beerman a bit older but good young player needing games.
  16. bluesteel

    Ed House/Marshall/The Louden

    it didn't went quiet, its being kept quiet.
  17. bluesteel

    Ryan Jack

    Does he get sine die,after 4 reds, if so his season is finished
  18. I cracked open a bottle of 15yr old malt,not for sharing Greedy cnut loyal.
  19. bluesteel

    Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    Protester 1 but he has not been on there. I first came across him during the union of fannies boycott,he filmed the ticket office with nobody in the queue,a slight on the club ,not on the board I thought, He went to Barcellona with a Celtic supporting friend,not the actions of a bluenose,he then posted on FF that the co was going into admin on the 17th June 2015, later he posted we won the BTC at the COS, now he was advised not to attend a meeting with the Police, and members of RIFC who would be on the interview panel for the Fans Laision Officer,a job he applied for,but to steal a march on other applicants he went anyway,this led to the resignation of the three directors. Is this the man we want to lead us to fan involvement. forgot to add his shameful attempt to buy a life membership for £100
  20. bluesteel

    Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

  21. bluesteel

    *** The Official Rangers V Ross County Match Thread ***

    If I posted it ignore it bro, got banned for daring to criticise the mgr
  22. Yep,apart from his two goals what has he ever done for us.
  23. A pish 45 from a team of imposters lead by a imposter manager
  24. bluesteel

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Don't agree Beer - Shava are Israili champions