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  1. The club should only deal with English mainstream media.
  2. Delighted by this. Get it right up the lot of them!!!!!
  3. Doncaster is a lying cunt. We all know he only works for ONE club.
  4. Blue Nosed Babe


    I have heard nothing since I bought my membership
  5. I would be surprised if the FA accepted them however given their leanings. Their fans would be battered up and down the country. The Republic of Ireland would suit them better.
  6. Scottish football would not have died... Lawwell and his puppets would have killed it....
  7. Maybe a British league will emerge just to piss that lot off!
  8. We have had 2 very good European runs. We will smash those cheats soon.
  9. SFA shat it when told they had no chance at CAS....
  10. Just cause we are not getting minute by minute updates does not mean things are not going on behind closed doors.
  11. Fucking popcorn teeth claiming they suffered most cause of the season stoppage. Eh NO! I think you might find the dead and grieving relatives have suffered more!!!!
  12. If he was a decent person he would not be accepting this sham title.
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