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  1. I like him too.
  2. Saw him at the WRC many times. A fine man and Great player.
  3. So it is now QCs 4 v Rangers Haters 0. I do love most of our Fine QCs!
  4. Club 1872 seem to have screwed the nut since they got rid of divisive figures on the board. It is much better for all now and long may it continue.
  5. QCs 2 v Rangers Haters 0 Get It Right Fucking Up Yees!
  6. Love this.
  7. Having read his opinion he is spot on. Interestingly, ceptic could be hauled before the league under disrepute charges given their conduct in belittling us with their statement.
  8. Where? I need a laugh.
  9. Just knowing I am not one of them and can laugh at them has been of great help during troubling times. Thank Fuck I am a Bear!
  10. Back to winding that lot up, as it should be. Well done to the genius who thought of it.
  11. I will happily take their money, then tell them that there can be no title stripping as the matter has been dealt with and all organisations agreed to be bound by LNS ruling regardless of appeals. Easiest money I will make!
  12. Outstanding Laugh by them.
  13. SNP listed among known terrorist groups. Seems Legit
  14. Theoretically openly supporting a proscribed organisation breaches anti Terrorism laws.
  15. They will have to close the PRW for the party which shall last a week.