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  1. That sadly does not pay bills. I wish it did.
  2. I am trying to keep that career alive as it is all I have. I just need to find someone to listen and give me a break.
  3. I am defending nothing but the rule of law. I have to work in that system and know first hand what damage has been done and how it persecutes people who try to do the right thing.
  4. Then it has definitely gone to the courts and international cooperation division. People need to actually read articles and stop getting hysterical.
  5. The police needed sufficient evidence to arrest. The article states that that happened when another victim came forward. Given that there is a warrant issued means that this case has been taken to court by the prosecution and he has either been aware of this and not turned up or they asked for a warrant to start proceedings. Only courts issue warrants.
  6. I was in purple and got my nails pained glittery purple for this.
  7. Apparently Turnbull offered more than Van Djik got when he first signed.... And the cleaner at Lennoxtown was sacked for being the mole. Employment Tribunal beckons.
  8. That may not get pushed through, we may go to CAS, there may be inquiries into their operation citing our situation as precedent for it to be an investigation into only their affairs. There is likely loads going on that we are not party to.
  9. No, lawyers have to be careful what is said due to privilege. If that is breached we get in a lot of trouble.
  10. Then we just kick back and prepare for the long game.
  11. Court is the LAST resort in any civil litigation. The pursuers must show the court they have done all they can to settle matters and have been reasonable or the courts could dismiss the action for being too soon. Timing is everything and litigations go slowly, they are not like criminal trials in terms of timescales. Some people would do well to remember this. The lawyer knows his stuff and you don't.
  12. Just bring back fitbaw FFS. The shite that gets posted when you lot have withdrawals is unreal....
  13. Then the bad week for men must be the whole fucking close season!!!!
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