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  1. No mention of Hibs staying quiet. Had they called the police, he never would have been at Rangers. This is never mentioned of course.
  2. I know, gutted I was not there today but I would be tempted to try and jump the Gaffer.....
  3. Possibly John Park....Now that would be a hell of a timplosion!
  4. I loved seeing Sasa and Jorg and lost it with the Mols turns and wee Pete bombing down the wing.
  5. Stevie G in a Rangers Shirt went and hurt my ovaries!!!!!! Pure Porn!
  6. When Michael first came about 400 mad Uterecht fans came for a game. It was fucking nuts in the Edmiston after when Michael came to say hi.
  7. Class but expected. He is an adopted Bear now. AWWWWWW CUTE. Gaffer's son is adorable!
  8. Big Eck is a happy guy. I know he is glad to be away from the National.team car crash.
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