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  1. *** The Official Ashes 2013 Thread ***

    Why did the third umpire NOT utilise Sniko?
  2. *** The Official Ashes 2013 Thread ***

    Australia's last remaining pair look likely to survive until lunch. If they require under 50 after lunch, I suspect they will come out slashing and flashing at every ball. The game continues, fabulous test match.
  3. *** The Official Ashes 2013 Thread ***

    Australia's chances pretty much rest in Haddin's ability to keep the scoreboard ticking over. However, he may run out of partners.
  4. The song continues to be sung by Kilmarnock fans, 'we are the Killie boys - up to their knees in Ayr United blood' and Hearts fans, 'we are the Gorgie boys - up to their knees in Hibee blood'. Both tems' supporters have sung their versions at Ibrox and ra Stydome in the last few seasons and the Glasgow PF has NOT asked the Polis to compile reports. The offending line is, 'up to our knees in F..... blood'. If we change this to, 'up to our eyes in BBC Scotland lies'; will the Glasgow PF retain the same line? It's a winable battle but the level of collective discipline required is the highest.
  5. Debbie Harry - a Rangers orgasm.

    I saw Blondie play at Strathclyde Uni Union in 1977, price of the ticket £0.50(that's right, ten bob). An attendance of 250 folks crammed into the sixth floor of the John Street Union, there several times that amount outside at the Martha Street/John Street junction. It was a sweaty evening, Debbie raised the mercury by fronting the band replete in a lemon mini-dress and lemon thigh-high heeled boots. Constantly, she whipped the mike lead and skipped towards her hormonal devotees. I believe she was a former employee of Hugh Hefner? A warm memory.
  6. Graham Spiers

    I have long been an advocate of burning ra Bhoy in ra Corduroy at the stake in Bellahouston Park. I believe there is to be an event in said park next month, I suggest concurrent activity. Sell cups of accelerent for £5 a pop, give the takings to an anti-sectarian charity.
  7. Graham Spiers

    I have genuine concerns about the small number of fellow Bears that continue to think Graham Spiers is balanced in his opinions. Let's go back five and half years, and Rangers are involved in a championship run-in that would see them triumph in Helicopter Sunday. Throughout that season, Spiers continually commented on Rangers supporters singing and made his statement about ra Sellik's Irish and rc heritage as being entirely legitimate. Spiers was booked by an initiative of Glasgow City Council's Sense Over Sectarianism to participate in a series of open forums being held around Glasgow. The first two were held in the City Chambres and St Andrews(the rc cathedral), an invited audience concluded it was all Rangers fault. Invited audiences and open forums do not quite square and Spiers was touchy about the accusations. He was the main speaker at the next scheduled 'open forum' in St Andrews Cathedral(Church of Scotland), no date given. Spiers racked up the ante, he felt threatened, feared for his personal safety. Rangers next game in the championship run-in was at Fir Park and the game was moved to a Sunday for TV purposes. It came out on the Friday that the open forum meeting would take place on Sunday afternoon, starting 2.30pm. Spiers idea of balance at an open forum was to stand up and proclaim it was all Rangers fault in front of a sparse audience, whilst Rangers were winning 2-3 at Motherwell. The Bears not in attendance at Fir Park were watching the game on the box. Spiers has continually shown by his actions that his idea of balance is to push hard at an open door.
  8. Graham Spiers

    Aye, but the mhedia has an agenda against you Just last night Richard Gordon drove past my house and threw eggs at my new porch... Add that to the nuisance calls from Peter Martin, I don't know where to turn... Reminds me of the old Marx Brothers' gag : Groucho, do you want to go see your aunt in my big new red car? Chico : I don't have an aunt. Groucho : that's good cause I don't have a big new red car. Nobody in East Lothian has a porch and Richard Gordon is an Aberdonian who throws away nothing. However, Bitter Martin does want to shove his tongue in your ear.
  9. Graham Spiers

    It sure has - which is why I've tried to get it back on topic. Graham Spiers and BBC Scotland have previous when it comes to said imbalance. More Rangers fans should be offended by this - not less. Have you complained about the programme to the BBC and Rangers FC? Imbalance at BBC Scotland? Let's return to the start of the season 3 years past, Rangers at Inverness. The commentary on the game was being conducted by John Barnes. During the first half he flagged up 'the Billy Boys' being sung by a couple of hundred Rangers supporters on three seperate occasions. The vast majority of Bears attending(between 4-5,0000) were intent on not singing the song because of UEFA's actions the season before. At half time, John Barnes stated he had been in discussion with his Producer and that they had received e-mail complaints that sensitivities had been offended. Thus, he broadcast an assurance that BBC Scotland were dispatching Chick Young to find SPL Observer, Alan Dick to ENSURE that the singing was included in his official match report. Chico reported back that job was done and Dick's report would condemn the Rangers support. Not the small element continuing to indulge but the whole Rangers support. We know the rest. A month later, ra Sellik at Tynecastle and those wonderful jolly craicsters sung the entire cannon of IRA battle hymmns. BBC Scotland acknowledged e-mail complaints had been received about the sectarian nature of singing emanating from the Hearts support. Commentator, David Begg apologised to the listeners but no mention was made of the green'n'grey lovable rogues. No assurance about dispatching a BBC employee to find the SPL Observer to ensure the singing was included in his report. However, the IRA chanting was so loud and continuous, both the reporters from the Sun and the Record took up the issue and they cornered SPL Observer, Andy Ritchie(former Sellik player and coach-15 year association with the club) and he was quoted as saying, "the Celtic supporters sang a few old Irish songs, no problem". BBC Scotland has a history of imbalance on matters old firm stretching back a couple of decades. This recent series is just a continuation of that imbalance.
  10. Graham Spiers

    I must share a few memories of Ian Archer. In one of his last columns in ra Herald, Ian(the pysh stained alky) delighted what was left of his readership by stating that, 'Rangers were formed a few guys whose only interest was in making money from replica strips'. In Vladikavkaz, Ian Archer arrived at the ground 15 minutes before kick-off and staggered around, he made his way to the front of the stand where the first few rows of seats were benches. He lay down and went to sleep, only to wake mid way through the second half. He woke up, staggered around again, and retreated back up an aisle to the back of the ground. He filed a match report for the Daily Express. The next incident occurred in Ingram Street at 3 O'Clock on a Tuesday afternoon. Whilst sitting in the Fire Station Diner, a Pugeout 205 roared down Shuttle Street, attempted to turn left on to Ingram Street, lost it and ran into a telephone box. We stood up and headed to the door, noted the driver(the pysh stained alky known as Ian Archer) was slumped over the wheel, sleeping. A couple of beat Plods were crossing the road and dealt with the incident. Two days later, it was reported that Ian Archer was the subject of a report to the PF involving a road traffic accident.
  11. Graham Spiers

    Don't kid yourself. Spiers' history with reporting on The Rangers screams one thing from the rooftops: his willingness to invent and fabricate where the facts simply will not serve his desired outcome. Reminds me of Spiers first appearance in the national print media almost two decades past, in Scotland on Sunday. He included a few lines in a match report from Ibrox stating that those gathered in front of the press box, in the East Enclosure, were singing a ditty, 'Klinsmann's a Klansman'. Apparently, this was the Rangers supports' take on Jurgen Klinsmann's refusal to meet the pope with his fellow Inter Milan team mates. The trouble with this point, and he went on later to repeat the accusation in a number of his Sports Diaries, is that it did NOT happen. Later, Spiers claimed his accusation was related to him(ie he did not hear it himself) and it was just a piss-take. Again, depending on your take on Spiers, he is : (i) a fantasist. (ii) a perennial vicTIM of False Memory Syndrom. (iii) a liar.
  12. Graham Spiers

    Spiers has claimed on a few occasions that he attended the New Year old firm game at Ibrox in January'75 and stood in ra Sellik end with his old man. Further, he was wearing his Rangers favours and celebrated each of the three goals scored by Rangers in a 3-0 win. Those standing around him, all Yahoos were most tolerent of a young lad supporting his team. I attended that game too and remember those same tolerent Yahoos raining bottles down after the third goal by Parlane. If you wish to be kind to Graham, then refer to him as a fantasist. If you are realistic, he is a liar. In the mid seventies, fans of either side did NOT enter the other end, particularly whilst wearing your team's favours.
  13. Plastic McGeady refused to play on a point of principle. Tonight's Champions League qualifier against Braga is being played with an orange ball. Plastic has decreed the high visibility sphere to be, "pyoor dead sectarian an'at kno' by ra way" and has decided to skip on to a local golf course to play the last seven holes.
  14. I believe BBC Radio Scotland were prepared to broadcast this 'FACT', until Peter Lawwell reminded them that the moon is occasionally blue. Further, current vatican thinking still insists the moon is made of blue cheese.
  15. Aw Naw. BBC Radio Scotland must have fed ra Suvul Calculator with Duracell Plus batteries.