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  1. New heart & hand podcast

  2. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    Jack and Murty both looked hurt, angry, gutted, shell shocked and embarrassed. Not too dissimilar to all of us. The interviews pretty much epitomised our current state. Completely lost...............
  3. There's no manager that can fix this

    I don't doubt you're wrong for a second. However, nothing pisses me more than the modern day footballer. It's never their fault. They blame everyone bar themselves. They shouldn't need a good, or even a competent manager to play well, or god forbid even execute the basics. Just pass the ball 5 yards. Just track your runner. Just play with your head up. Just retain possession for a few seconds. Just stay on your feet. Just show a bit of passion. Most of them can't even do that. The fact we have been incapable of winning 3 games in a row is an absolute embarrassment. The players are just as bad as the board. There is no excuse for not being able to beat Dundee, Hamilton and Killie. What a sorry mess..................
  4. Morelos' overall play

    We have far far deeper concerns right now and a much bigger picture to look at but thought i'd take a minor break from those threads and give my tuppence worth to this thread. Whilst I appreciate he failed to score again, and looked a little hesitant in front of goal, it really is frightening how bad we looked when he went off. We looked devoid of any ideas and offered nothing up top. As a striker he HAS to score goals and regularly, but he does bring so much more to the party than many strikers. Even if he's not necessarily playing well he gives us a presence, energy, physicality, an out ball, just a fucking option and a threat. Hopefully his injury is not too bad. Things on and off the right now are looking pretty bleak. If we lose Morelos though it could get a whole lot worse IMO. He's by no means a world beater, far from out but the thought of Miller, Herrera and Hardie being our potential options gives me the boak to be honest...............
  5. Murty

    Murty has been thrown under the bus by a bunch of incompetent charlatans at boardroom level and been let down by gutless cowards on the park. Any praise Murty received for decent wins/performances was over the top but equally any criticism he receives for our current predicament is unfair. Murty is a decent guy. He doesn't deserve to be put in this position. He should never be in this position. That said, and with the greatest respect in the world to Murty, he is the least of my concerns. We are in right in the shit now and something pretty significant HAS to change, and quickly...........
  6. F*** The Board.

    I honestly have no idea what they are doing. Incompetent doesn't even come close. A club our our stature should always be looking to make ourselves better in every single department. The board should always be looking for better managers and the manager should always be looking for better players. Even if your manager is Walter Smith and your playmaker is Brian Laudrup, we should never rest on our laurels and always be on the look out for someone better. If however, you have an under performing manager, like Pedro was, and previously like Warburton was, it is utterly inconceivable that the new manager process or short list had not commenced whilst they were still in position. To then still not have a permanent manager at this stage, a full month after Pedro's dismal, is utterly criminal, inexcusable and quite frankly unforgivable. We were 6 points behind the taigs a few weeks ago. I genuinely believe with a swift and correct appointment we could seriously have given the title a shot this season. We could have really put the pressure on and seen what they were made of. However, the sheer arrogance and incompetence of this board have fucked any chance we may have had. Thanks a lot guys.........................
  7. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Never in my worst nightmares did I ever envisage us becoming a mediocre team. Right now i'd probably take us being mediocre although I don't think we're even good enough to consider ourselves as high as mediocre right now. It truly is a harrowing and desperate state of affairs. The board have a lot to answer to. They must be held to account for overseeing this utter shambles............
  8. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Just. Get. Everyone. To. Fuck. The board have royally fucked us. The fact we have no manager, or don't even appear to be close to having a full time manager in place is absolutely criminal and inexcusable.
  9. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    That was the chance. Superb read, interception, and drive from DJ........
  10. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Twice in 20 seconds that cunt ref has stopped a quick free kick!
  11. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Brilliant from McCrorie, absolutely fantastic. And fuck me, Windass had the sense and awareness to take a touch. A bit of composure, and who knew, he can hit a ball. Maybe he should show a bit more composure more often!
  12. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Fucking pointless cross field diagonal!
  13. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Wee taig cunt
  14. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    And again. Getting into so many great positions but THAT FUCKING FINAL BALL!! It's either just poor or so unlucky!
  15. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    That just sums up our luck right now. Done a lot of good things tonight but in the final third we have no cutting edge or simply no luck!
  16. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    As above 2 posts. Scumbags. As usual though the damage is already done.
  17. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    You only have to look at Mourinho, probably the most confident and arrogant manager on the planet. Despite managing some of the biggest clubs in the world he knows you have to change your tactics, style, personnel, formation etc. I think he possibly does it a little too much but I only say that because he has far better players at his disposal however the point remains that you can't always rely on one style of play. It is totally bizarre. Even more bizarre that it seems to be widely accepted, almost praised and applauded. We faced a better version of Neymar in Ronaldinho, a better Mbappe in Henry, a better Cavani in Messi. Throw in Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Thuram etc and you get the picture. We got a credible draw against a far superior side. Sometimes you need to change your shape. Don't get me wrong PSG are a good side but they're not nearly as good as some are making out. Taig mistakes and bad management have probably caused them about 10 of the goals they've conceded. But again it seems to be acceptable. I really don't get it.
  18. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    There were a few generic football websites giving an update on the Bruno Alves minor injury. To a man pretty much every comment response was from a taig. They literally comment on everything and anything relating to us, no matter how minor or obscure it may be and without question they will give the same juvenile pish. I'll have a laugh and joke on here if they're getting pumped but that's where I'll draw the line. They really are a mad bunch.
  19. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    What an utter arrogant cunt of a man. He's slowly but surely going to lose his shit. His Mr nice guy mask is starting to slip. Just like Stevie G.
  20. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That's another classic. Not quite up there with the mad journo who thinks Brenda has done more with the taigs in Europe than we done in 92/93! Another belter nonetheless!