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  1. Rangers Development Team vs Huddersfield

    Not sure if under 17s, 19s or 20s, or a bit of both. The Huddersfield academy Twitter is a bit confusing. Think Dallas got 4, Middleton, Atakayi and Beerman with the goals.
  2. Candeias title talk

    Right attitude. Right mentality and all said with a sense of realism and perspective. We still have mountain to climb but at this stage it's a slightly smaller mountain than before. Make no mistake about it if we can overcome Hearts and get it down to 6, after a long, tiring trip to Russia and then a long trip up to sheep land on Sunday morning it'll be a massive task for them physically and mentally. Next few weeks are huge. First and foremost we just need to keep winning and piling on the pressure. We failed against hibs. We simply can't fail again.
  3. Willian is fantastic at just quickly dropping the shoulder to set himself for the shot. Great finish............
  4. Willian is a cracking wee player. Looked bright tonight........
  5. Speculation the wee man MIGHT be getting a call up for upcoming friendlies.
  6. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Agreed. Any fan running onto the pitch to goad the opposition not only deserves a slaps but should expect a slap. If he's spat on him he's lucky he never got a kicking the manky wee bastard.
  7. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Grigg has been impressive tonight and that's a very tidy finish. He's gave Stones a tough night. Done well this season.
  8. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Aguero one. Delph one
  9. ***Official English Football Thread***

    City have been on the end of some poor tackles this season. If a Wigan player done that to Aguero or another player I don't think Pep would have been happy. The games changed though. It's difficult to get away with challenges like that. Silly way to go in especially in that area of the pitch. Kinda asking for trouble going in like that. Wigan players defo played a part in refs decision IMO.
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    He should keep his mouth shut but at least if you're going to comment don't be a contradictory cunt! What he's saying is exactly what the taigs have just done. Raised their game for a big European game but then can't beat little old St Johnstone. Stupid patronising hypocritical cunt. He does this all the time and no one ever challenges him. Mental.
  11. *****Official Hamilton Vs Rangers*****

    Don't want to get too carried away but if the next few weeks go well goal difference suddenly becomes rather important. We should have made a bigger dent towards closing the goal difference gap today. You don't get many games that open. A wee chance missed but the win was the main thing. Hearts game is now a massive test of character for Murty and the players. We simply can't fail if we have any aspirations of pulling this off. Exciting week ahead.
  12. It's almost impossible to read the mind of Dean Windass but I would guess, and I could be wrong, that he's simply implying that if he's banging in hat tricks every other week then he won't be here much longer. Which guess is probably true and not really anything to be too concerned with for now.
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They're in Russia Thursday then away to sheep early Sunday haha! Might be strange but do we want them to maybe sneak through in Russia and maybe pick up another injury or two to boot? I think I heard if they get through they could be playing in Europe the Thursday before coming to Ibrox. Might not be the worse scenario. They are terrible the weekend after a European game. If we can just sort our home form and get more consistency shit could get very very interesting.
  14. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    Thought he was really good today. Overall play was fantastic, his movement for the first to get a simple tap in was great, his awareness and unselfish play for the second was superb but that vision and touch for the fourth was just incredible. Going at that speed and to almost reverse the pass inside to Windass was excellent. Great team goal too. Looks to be really finding his feet.
  15. *****Official Hamilton Vs Rangers*****

    Fuck you doing Goss, Docherty and John. Fuck. Shite. Murty out. Oh brilliant Buffalo nice finish Jamie. Ha ha mad keeper. Fuck our defending is pish! Murty out. Again. Alfredo! Brilliant assist from Murphy. Easy to smash the rebound at the keeper. Great awareness. Looking good today. Oh my fucking god. That is goal of the season shit right there. Even better than Partick. Murphys touch was genius! Windass is on fire. This could be 10. Docherty breaking up play well. Needs to tidy up his final ball. Oh off the bar. Unlucky son. Fuck sakes Bates how did you miss that! Front 4 looking a real threat. Stay on your feet Russell but come on ref. Ah well not too bad. Lots of positives going forward. Lots of concerns at the back. Down to 9 points. Fucking come on. Could be 6 come Saturday night. Let's put these cunts under pressure. They can't handle it. And relax!
  16. Jordan Rossiter

    GRAEME MURTY has backed Jordan Rossiter to take positive strides on the road to recovery at Rangers despite suffering another injury setback. The midfielder has made just ten appearances for the Light Blues since making the move from Liverpool as he has spent the majority of the last two campaigns out of action. Rossiter stepped up his latest recovery bid when he turned out for the Gers second string in their win over Valencia last week. And Murty hopes the ankle knock he sustained won’t derail him as he looks to return to first team action before the end of the season. He said: “Jordan made a tackle in Spain, where he played 60 minutes for the 20s and had a really good game. “He rolled his ankle and had a football collision. It is not a structural or underlying thing, it is an impact. “It is something you don’t want to take out of his game because he is a competitive, combative midfield player and it is a key part of his game that he has to feel free to go and do. “I am pleased that he felt free to do that and I am sorry that it has given him a bit of a setback but hopefully it is nothing too serious and we can move him forward because he was making really good steps. Hopefully we will get it checked and it is nothing serious. “The plan is to get him involved with the group. He trained with the group and was looking good and it is about getting him meaningful minutes and making sure we give him a level and a volume that is commensurate to being a first team footballer. “We are doing the same with Lee Wallace at the moment and building him up gradually. We will make a decision on where he is and when it is relevant to bring him back in. "We will do the same with Jordan and we are hopeful we can integrate him soon.”
  17. Watched him on SPFL Matters earlier and thought he came across pretty well. Maybe not the most articulate but seems to have a decent knowledge of football, expectations and wanting to become better..........