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  1. Right now DJ and Rahm look incredible. Think both will be in with a shout although they'll both be too short in price to interest me. As usual though I will be looking to try and find some good value prices next week and go for the quantity option!
  2. I don't think we can unfortunately although I'm happy to be corrected. My understanding is that come the summer he is out of contract with us entirely and as such we have no power to insert any such clause. All we will receive is a form of compensation I think as his next contract will be his first professional contract.
  3. Maybe if our last genuine elite youngster becomes the gaffers local assistant he can maybe give him some good advice. It would seem by playing him the other day, getting him involved with the first team etc we are doing everything we can to keep the boy, and if he stays I would expect him to get some game time next season even at the tender age of 16. Guess we can only hope he wants to play football.
  4. Total mismatch from rounds 2 - 7. Linares was just so sharp, crisp, clean, fast, strong and elusive. Heart of gold from Crolla though and Linares tiring slightly. Crolla catching him more but Crolla just seems to lack any real snap and power in his punches.........
  5. Did Mourinho even manage in Soccer Aid? Did he not withdraw after getting the Man U job? Not unless he's been asked more than once!
  6. I thought I had it several times with Vieri, Vieira, Balotelli, Pirlo, Dida, Cassano to name a few but don't think it's any by one thing or so out! Fuck knows!
  7. Yup! Think it might even have been Jamie Walker.......
  8. Hyndman added
  9. The Cummings rumour never seems to go away. At the right price he could be an asset for us albeit he is certainly of the cunty and stupid variety! The other weekend being the perfect example. Scoring a great goal then being sent off for being a total dick.
  10. Who or what is a Lloyd Cross when it's at home? Reliable?
  11. I take it they've not heard of A Madrid's front two or seen Monaco this season then! Not to mention the real Dembele. Those 5 alone are ripping up the Champions League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga not to mention many others but aye we'll throw in the guy who's doing it in Perth and Inverness. Fuck, Martial can't even get a call up! Stupid cunts!
  12. They're gonna end up winning this thing!!!