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  1. Borna looks fine carrying tank, well almost! Think he'll be fine.
  2. Good luck. If you think Gerrard is lacking confidence...............
  3. Most footballers are shite at press conferences. Big names like Kane, Beckham, Terry, Rooney etc come across quite awkward and timid too at times. Even the tarrier cunt speaks like a wee boy when he's getting interviewed. Press conferences are always difficult. Also say something positive like Ojo for example has done in the past (saying we are better than them) and he gets slagged, say nothing, get slagged, look defeated get slagged. All that matters is what happens on the pitch. It's not just footballers either, politicians, actors, tv presenters etc find it difficult to do public speaking. Even doing it in work is a bit of a ball ache. However, how players act in front of the camera and how they act behind the scenes are generally two different things. I get it's not overly inspiring but all that matters is we win on Sunday.
  4. Young Boys was a set back and some thought we had fucked our Europa chances. We came back and it's now in our hands to qualify. Tarriers and then Hearts were further setbacks and again some thought the league was gone. We came back and went joint top. Last night was another setback, a huge setback but we have time to rectify. Still a long way to go in the league. We'll both drop further points but we're still right in it. I still think we can recover the league situation. Sunday is a one off game and it suits our style. Big park, lots of space, almost like a European game and most of our squad have tasted victory against them. There is no chance to rectify any failures this time though. It's all or nothing. We have to be at it all game. As with every game I'm still confident we can do this. We have an amazing chance of winning this. Let's fucking do it.
  5. It's just so frustrating! Can't blame anyone for being fucking scunnered after that. If we were 2 down and came back suddenly it's a decent point but the manner of it is a fucking sore one. Don't think anyone seen it coming either. We were totally bossing the game. Fucking hate football at times!
  6. The biggest compliment I can give us, us that even when we are dugshite, we are always in a game. We may not win every game but we will always have a chance. We tend to have 5, 10 minutes spells where we completely lose our shit. We tend to have about 20/30/40 minutes where our minds are elsewhere and we go through the motions but we also tend to have 30/40 minute periods where we are fucking brilliant to watch! It's a fucking rollercoaster. We have played worse than tonight and won this season. The fact we threw away a 2 goal lead is almost fucking heartbreaking though! It's never easy with us. Sunday will be interesting. Lennon only has one style and it's gung ho, all out attack, almost like Keegans Newcastle! If they get at us early like Ibrox, can we withstand their onslaught? However, if we get at them early like we did in our two wins at Ibrox, the away game at parkhead, or play through them when they are all out attack, Kent, Barasic, Morelos, Tav can really hurt them. Sunday will age us all about 10 years. There's gonna be all sorts, goals, bookings, fights, everything. As long as we do it, I couldn't give a fuck how we do it. Just get it done in any way, shape or form.
  7. IMO Sunday has now become even more pivotal. We NEED silverware. We need something. A win on Sunday would be massive. It's everything. It doesn't matter what I say or anyone says though, whether you are an optimist, a pessimist or a realist, r maybe a combination of them all. I think right now most will not be feeling too confident. It's not going to be easy but if a team that has Morelos and McGregor in it, always gives me hope. Throw in Jack, Kent and Barasic and if your Tavs, Arfields, Kamaras turn up we really do have the beating of them. I don't want to turn this into, nah he's shite, he's a bottler thread, but i really do think we are good enough to beat them. We do have a good team. We can beat them. The second half was a concern, the defence is a concern but they have defensive issues too. Sunday is fucking huge. We have to sacrifice everything, blood, sweat, tears, the whole gang. We need this so badly. If we are at it, we absolutely have the beating of them.
  8. Our defence is clearly a concern. Luckily for us their defence is just as bad. Tonights result will have no bearing on Sunday though IMO. We need big performances from Morelos and Kent. They have the ability to terrify their backline. Alfie was just a little off tonight. Obviously not going to hold it against him, he has carried us this season. Also, If Barasic is back too, he will be a huge addition. Still confident we can do it. Still gutted about tonight.
  9. I don't disagree. However, we beat the tarriers twice last season and struggled against lesser teams. Every game is important if you want to win titles. We also have the best away record in the league. Tonight was not nearly good enough. The second half was shocking. There can be no excuses. It's a setback, no doubt about it. We're all fucking scunnered but there is still a long way to go.
  10. I doubt the OP is going to get much support so soon after that but in general I agree. We've had an amazing start to the season, far better than most would have hoped for. We were always going to drop points. The manner in which we dropped points though is the thing that irks the most. First half we were great, second half we were poor. We'll go again. Still a long way to go.
  11. We were so strong and dominant for about 40 minutes. It was an absolute walk in the park then a total fuck up just before half time fucked everything. However, we still had time to regroup and sort it out but for the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half we were all over the place! Again, though we have 40 odd minutes to rectify it but ultimately just weren't good enough. Really really disappointing. Right now, couldn't give 2 fuck about the final. That'll obviously change in a couple of days. The league is far from over but it's a tough one to take. The centre halves are a real concern.
  12. Walker gagging for Morelos to be booked after his 2nd foul! Not a peep about Cosgrove after his 18th foul!
  13. Still not too worried. Just a fucking stupid goal to give away.
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