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  1. For betting reasons I don't want Spieth or Kuch to win but if anyone deserves it, it's big Kuch. Really good guy. Oh FFS Spieth! What you doing ya mad putting freak of nature!
  2. Every other golfer bar Spieth ends up in the bunker there! Hopefully it all comes crashing down tomorrow..........
  3. Good that Spieth failed to birdie 17. A wee bogey or worse on 18 could maybe bring a few more into it..........
  4. Connelly is a wee character. Fucking tiny, about 10 stone and doesn't fuck about. None of this fannying around, just gets on with it. Not a bad wee player as well.........
  5. Dorrans added
  6. Every pull, shank or mishit ends up perfect for Spieth! Add that to his amazing putting and it's some combination!
  7. Literally the worst putt i've seen Spieth hit. Probably still get the birdie though!
  8. You're given unlimited transfer funds, to sign some of the best players of the world, and somehow Borini manages to make that list! Quite amazing really. He showed some potential when he was younger but hasn't developed in the way many thought he might..........
  9. Agreed. However, that element of their support probably won't see it that way. They'll feel let down by their own club, pissed and angry that they don't have their back, and quite possibly, when they return will bring out their pish stained bed sheets once more with further statements that will get them in even more trouble. I don't see their being much resolution between both parties. It seems to have escalated quite a lot over the past few seasons which is quite funny. Hopefully the manky cunts continue to fuck themselves over..........
  10. Is that without some of their big signings too?
  11. Mon the wind. A wee assist with that missed 3 footer I think!
  12. Schwartzel has just smashed his drive 402 yards straight down the fairway!!
  13. In today's market it's actually good value considering but that's the madness of it all!
  14. Think I seen Chambers linked with a 16/20million move. What the fuck has this boy ever done to warrant that! You have Gibbs linked at about 10million, then you have Gylfi at around 40/50million not to mention the ones that have gone through like Keane, Sterling, Stones, Lukaku over the past few years. Madness. They're spending more money than ever before but the quality in every team is deteriorating IMO. The value is so poor. The gulf in class when you see English clubs against the Bayerns, Juves, Reals, Barcas of this world is frightening.............
  15. Americans always do well. Schauffele, Lovemark, Dufner, Kisner, Howell, Uihlein, Walker to name a few are good value. Woodland has shown no form but really likes links and could be decent, generally around 200s. Day, again showing no form and having gone through some personal issues, is as high as he's been in a long time, generally 40s. Don't necessarily fancy him but those odds are tempting. Massive outshots for E/W could be anything but i'll throw in Bjork, Wang, Suri, Vegas and Munoz. In short fuck knows!
  16. The Sun's take on it. Pretty much wording it in every way possible they can without actually condemning it! And Brenda's got a touch of the Wengers. Didn't see it my arse! ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ’s return to Celtic Park sparked anger on Twitter – after they unveiled a ‘paramilitary’ display. SunSport Online told earlier how the Hoops ‘ultras’ were in the stadium just days on from an “issue” with the club stopped them attending Saturday’s friendly with Lyon. And it wasn’t long before they attracted attention again for their latest tifo. It boasted a ‘Brendan’s Undefeated Army’ poster, a picture of Bhoys gaffer Brendan Rodgers and an image of what appeared to be a paramilitary-style figure. After the game, the treble-winning boss was asked if he saw the stunt. He said: “I didn’t [see it]. Fortunately I am one of these guys who just concentrate on the game.” Some Celtic fans expressed their dismay to the club’s liaison officer John-Paul Taylor. One wrote: “Do we have to wait ‘til we need to play behind closed doors before anything is done? It seems Green Brigade won’t be happy ‘til then.” Another added: “Time for ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ to go. Banners like that at this evening’s game have no place within our stadium.” Meanwhile, a Hoops diehard branded the fan group an EMBARRASSMENT. He wrote: “Dear Green Brigade, f*** off and stop embarrassing the club.” Supporters of other clubs were quick to stick the boot in. One said: “That Green Brigade banner leaves such a sour taste, what a shame.” Another chipped in: “ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ are a bunch of weans who’ve mostly never even f***ing stepped foot in Ireland.” A rival fan blasted: “Delighted they’ve shown these banners. “More fines coming their way. “It’s getting pretty close to stand closures.” ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ has been the voice of Parkhead since forming in 2006, choreographing several eye-catching displays including the full-stadium tribute to the Lisbon Lions last season. But the group has brought off-field issues to the Hoops, including UEFA fines for offensive banners. They were criticised in March following the infamous ‘Hunskelping’ flag – based on Trainspotting’s Choose Life monologue – which mocked Rangers.
  17. When a footballer commits countless fouls on the park he eventually gets the ultimate punishment and is sent off. If they are hauled up again, which they should, even moreso in this instance due to the sensitive nature of this matter, then surely 12 strikes and you're out! Fuck, I can't believe i'm actually typing that. 12 fucking strikes! Have you ever known any individual, club, company, or organisation to continuously break all rules and regulations in such a consistent and short period yet not face any significantly penalty all at the same time claiming to be this family friendly love me love me club! It's absolutely mental. Whilst all of the usual media pricks have suddenly gone blind, deaf, lost their tongue and control of their social media fingers at least a few objective, impartial football as well as non football accounts on social media that have no affiliation with us, Scottish football or them are exposing these cunts for what they are.................
  18. Missile aye! Fucks sake!