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  1. I would imagine this covers most of it. It's just been pretty stop/start for him and after pushing him we're probably being a bit more cautious of late with him. It's also understandable why Gerrard would go with players he trusts in recent games like Morelos, Roofe, Kent, Aribo and Hagi, although admittedly they have all been indifferent this season so far. I'm sure we'll settle soon enough. And I'm sure Sakala will get minutes too.
  2. I think he he'll be fine. Like our season, individually it's been pretty disruptive for him. New team, new country, new system, lack of pre season, isolation, injury and lack of game time. He's generally getting thrown on when we're struggling, teams are sitting in and he's probably too eager to please and at times taking silly shots. At least he's trying to make things happen though. He's not been great but there have been glimpses. His run out wide was decent, just lacking the final ball. There were a few moments against St Johnstone and Real too. Everything collectively and individually for us is just a little off. Hopefully we/he can get a run of consistency now.
  3. Ultimately every goal ever scored is preventable if you dissect, analyse and go back far enough. Once a top player at a higher level is allowed time and space and given the opportunity to get a shot away it's difficult to stop a strike like that. You can only hold your hands up at that point. If there's a gulf in quality there's not a lot you can do sometimes. We do seem to lose runners quite often though and our tracking back, passing on men can be quite hit and miss. A few really bad examples tonight. Every team has this issue though. It's very easy to criticise, rewind, pause, replay and dissect every passage of play. However at this level against better quality, where we might be playing technically better players, it's even more important we try to stop it at source. Again, easier said than done sometimes. I think we're just a little frustrated because there wasn't too much in it, and we weren't quite at our best. I think if we were at our best we could have got something tonight.
  4. Right now we just seem to be a bit off in every aspect of our game. Covid, injuries, suspensions, lack of form, inability to play a settled team have all played their part. We're just a bit off it. Pretty confident we'll click soon enough though and we'll need to. Lyon are good but I think we have played better teams over the past few years. It's all about moments though. They took their chances. We didn't. Don't think there was too much in it. I think we can be a bit more aggressive and offensive at times. I think we seem to be too respectful at times. We definitely need to move it faster, stop playing the safe, easy pass. We are a good team. Sometimes we don't start until we go behind which just gives us a mountain to climb. Still a long way to go in this group.
  5. He knocked it out for a throw in further up the park, and they all pushed up. It then led to a fuck up by Davis. Just knock it back to McGregor. Happened in the old firm game too, which was obviously worse. Anyway, no longer important! FFS!
  6. Should never ever kick the ball out when an opposition player is down. They always try to fuck you over.
  7. Pretty even game. We just need a bit more conviction and belief. Need to move the ball faster. Too pedestrian at times. When we move it quicker we are a different team. We are still very much in this. They are dangerous though.
  8. Surely this guy can't continue much longer.
  9. Hartson, with tears running down his face in a sheepish voice 'Is he not offside'? Hahahahahaha!
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