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  1. A know am gonna have a nightmare about the tims signing this guy tonight! It wouldn't fucking suprise me if it happened.
  2. What time do the papers hit the shops tonight? No doubt they'll print some nonsense associated with this story. But you never know?
  3. a could fukin cringe sometimes watchin that 1st half
  4. no i think they would go into europa league! they still need to qualify for the euorpa league
  5. theres too many conflicting stories about why he left. i dont know who to believe.
  6. if he really wants to stay, why not make an official statement on the club website to stop the rumours.
  7. this story was going into overdrive, lets hope he does stay. did cuellar not say he wanted to stay at the club?
  8. if the big fella wants to go, let him. i just hope they dont cave in at the 1st half decent bid. i do hope he wants to stay but time will tell.
  9. i do agree with most of what you said, but 10 million whats that based on. I just think we should be getting a lot more for a player who consistently played well last year and the fact that if we came out and started demanding more we might get more instead of just accepting the first bid. see your point. cuellar had a clause in his contract which ment we couldnt negotiate a higher bid. however if theres no clause in boogies contract i do believe we should be asking for more than his value, makes good buiness sense. every other club does it.
  10. i do agree with most of what you said, but 10 million whats that based on.
  11. if he does go what sort of figure will it take? i've got 6 million in my head. as guys in here have said before he's no euro experience, where as cuellar didnt look out of place playing at that level.
  12. Like Cuellar's ? I'll bite your hand off for £8million quid for Bougherra. 2 things need to happen for the big man to leave, 1 he wants to go 2 a fantastic offer needs to come in, eg cuellar. if he's going to leave, get the deal done and lets move on.
  13. This very part of the quote is why I think we should say: "£10m or find someone else." Especially as these were the same garlic eating, froggy featured, surrender monkey bastards who held us to ransom over our Faubert bid. I really don't think Bougherra's fussed either way. He's loved here, he'll get CL football here and he'll win trophies here. If we declare that we think he's worth £10m and Bordeaux don't pay up, I really can't see him taking a hissy fit over that. We need to stop selling ourselves short and showing our hands early. All of that is assuming we've not put a £6m clause
  14. am gettin oot a bottle a vodka ma man, and turning on the ps3, socom time. this story is puttin me in a cunt ae a mood!
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